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Not yet you sell online? With our team of experts in electronic commerce and design of store they onlien has arrived your moment.
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Cordoba lies down online

Point you at the electronic commerce

Through an innovating design, strategy and development to size, we have the internal abilities and experience to give a project of successful electronic commerce for its business.

Our websites offer a experience of electronic commerce without equal, including an excellent visual design, easy navigation, a cart of purchases carefully considered and surroundings in line surely. We will provide all the tools and functionalities to him that need to in line remove the maximum benefit from their sales.


In the last year, the sale online generally registered an increase of 12% in the sales. With as much growth, is its store online blooming as it would have? Or it is being surpassed by the websites of electronic commerce of the competition?


If he is not happy with his yield online, it is hour to change. Whether it needs something small and functional as fitting his integrated system of accomplishment of orders so that everything works as a clock, or something structural as establishing a sophisticated catalogue management the more to improve his margins of benefits as much as the user experience, we can help him to sell in line better.

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From Any Site

The purchases of movable devices of electronic commerce reached 700 billions of dollars of income during the last year, which in the last represents a growth of 300% four years.

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It connects with Each Client

We made sure that their clients can make orders in any portable device at any time, so that their clients have guaranteed an attractive experience whenever they visit them.

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Flexible shipments

We provide flexible models of shipment, that multiple carriers admit, international shipments, positions of shipment based on preferred variables, as well as options of gratuitous delivery.

The perfect showcase

As digital integral gets hold of, which we do is to de futuro create websites of electronic commerce with vision which they work perfectly. Friendly with the web search engines, perfectly functional and designed to cause that your business online is most efficient possible, we offer our ability and the expert vision to take its store online in the long term to the following level.


The technology changes, but our shrewdness and technical capability will maintain its site in the top. Our undergone equipment is formed by capable developers Web, designers and managers of account worldwide commercial €“ all of them contribute their experience to help diverse businesses in line to sell better in line. He is ready to learn more envelope how we constructed and we developed websites of electronic commerce with true potential? 

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Desire more without complications

He is crucial that you know your system like the back of her hand, after all, if your equipment cannot use your system of electronic commerce to the maximum of its capacities, who is going it to do?


For that reason we create in a simple design and intuitive that it gives a complete control him on its site of electronic commerce. It administers the orders, it makes a pursuit of the inventory, watches of near his clients, it updates and it raises products, it plays with his prices, it inserts and it publishes the details of products, makes great publicity with the promotions€¦ and that is only for home.


You have let yourself fool by all these options? You do not worry, we made sure that your system is simplest and usable possible, whatever functionality that you need. And if sometimes it needs additional support, we are to only one call of distance.

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Your store Online without you limit

All the sites of electronic commerce do not require a simple experience of cart of purchases. We create customized websites at enterprise level, because the complex businesses require innovating solutions.


We work with escalables systems of electronic commerce and leaders in the industry, as WooCommerce and Magento, that administer to transaction and products supplies of, assuring that its site of electronic commerce works in perfect synchrony with its model of businesses.

Everything what you need

The flexibility without complexity is what we looked for. For each product or service that offers its store online, we make possible the creation of a management of catalogue, the shipment to any place, the payment of taxes and the invoicing as you want. In fact, any thing that needs that it pitches his tent online, we can make it reality, without needing too complicated panels of administration.


From maintaining to their clients informed with the states of the customized orders and the e-mails of the transactions, to seeing, to directly publish, to create and to complete the orders from their panel of administration, our experience developers of electronic commerce and design of store online will do it more efficient and simple.

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What include our services of Design of Store Online?

We give 12 reasons you so that more you realise your project with Zakatki and you do not have yourself to worry about anything. All these services come including in our plans of Design of Store Online. Taking notices and compares!


Manager of Contents

Your Administrable webpage 100%. Facility so that you can self-manage your website. 


Web Hosting

We took care to lodge your webpage in the best servers located in Spain.


SEO On Page

We optimize each page that we create for the web search engines and to position to you enters first.


To size

Nothing of predefined groups without personality, we constructed your Web to size so that she is unique.


Registry of Domain

We register the Domain of your Website by you, or .es .com .net, and in addition we can advise to you.


Optimization Web

The optimization of your webpage is very important, as well as the speed of load, leaves it in our hands.


Responsive design

Your Web 100% adapted for mobiles and tablets, so that you do not lose nor a client.



All it customized accounts of e-mails with your domain that you need.



5 hours of maintenance Web including throughout the year if you have hosting with us.


Social networks

Total integration with your Social Networks, so that your users have everything to a click and they do not lose anything.


Certificate SSL

Your webpage will be protected and will be safe at any moment. We install pertinent certificates.


Support 24/7

We did not leave you at any moment, we guaranteed the stability and support to you that you need.

Our plans of Design of Store Online

In Zakatki we can make reality your project, or a simple store online or a project of electronic commerce very elaborated, we are here for helping you. We offer we offer some very economic tariffs of design of store online, so that it is by hand of all.


But this is not everything, if you think that your webpage in touch does not fit with any of these tariffs ponte with us, certainly we have a solution for you. You have more doubts on our prices and tariffs of design of store online? It in touch reviews our frequent questions or ponte with us. 


  • 1 Language
  • 5 Categories
  • Up to 10 products
  • Self-managing: Stock, Prices
  • Methods of Shipment
  • Methods of Payment
  • Page Limitless



  • 2 Languages
  • 20 Categories
  • Up to 100 products
  • Self-managing: Stock, Prices
  • Methods of Shipment
  • Methods of Payment
  • Page Limitless
  • Chat Online



  • 3 Languages
  • 30 Categories
  • Up to 250 products
  • Self-managing: Stock, Prices
  • Methods of Shipment
  • Methods of Payment
  • Page Limitless
  • Chat Online
  • Corporative blog
  • Management Client


more services than can interest to you€¦

We design webpages that turn your visits into clients and whom they position to you as referring in your sector.

We helped with a strategy SEO him to find its objective public and to take qualified visits to its website.

Also we took care of the maintenance of your social networks and of the content of your webpage. You do not neglect your image!

We were in charge of the maintenance of your website while you concentrate yourself in your business.

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