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We are proud to create attractive designs highly, aesthetically impressive and focused to the conversion that results obtain.
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Design Web focused in you

For us, a design effective Web does not begin with a developer Web, but with a cup of coffee and a chat.

Because before doing something, we want to listen to speak to you of your business, your objectives, your vision and your clients. Soon we do many to him, many questions and, hopefully, also we will be able to respond some.


When we only know clearly that what really you want is what really you need, we began to put the pencil in the paper and to construct to your project Web.

Once all the investigation and the planning have become and we have a very clear idea than you want, then and only then we began to think about the design.


We concentrated in the finer creative details, the trip of the most important user and, the conversions. When a visitor arrives at his website, she has a small window of opportunity to convince it that she has found what is looking for.


Therefore, we want to make sure that its site quickly turns the navigators into new clients. This means to obtain the perfect balance between the creativity and the functionality. If you think that it is 

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Responsive design

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Interactive design

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Experience of User

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Image name brand

Available where and when you want

More of 88% of the population of Spain it has smartphone. 66% have used its device to buy sometimes online. These statistics go off every day and there are no signals that the movable revolution is slowing down. 


To make sure that its website is seen or and worked perfectly in any screen from which is acceded is now absolutely essential, or a tablet, smartphone, a device iOS or an Android telephone.


To be preparation for all the devices is not only to have a functional website and with answer capacity, but also to make sure to offer a great experience to the user, whatever device that is used.


All the work carried out by Zakatki by ricochet concentrates in an approach centered in the user, impelling the participation of the client, reducing the indices and also increasing the index of conversion. For a perfect experience of Web to mobile to tablet.


There is a great number of factors to consider. From the times of load to the sizes of source, happening through the understanding of the bits from its website to which the visitors can want to accede when they are fleeing, the movable answer means to think carefully about each aspect of the movable experience of a visitor.


For a perfect experience of Web to mobile or tablet, it speaks today with our team of experts in design of Web.

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Focused your client

Ready to attract the visitors, to lower the rates by ricochet and to improve its conversions? A design professional Web could be the tool that you need to cause that the visitors make click. Time and time again it has been demonstrated that the intelligent design of UX improves the retention of the visitors, the commitment of the client, the return of the visitors and gives to the businesses in line a great impulse.


The client always is right, the good service to the old one seems a little different in the digital era, but to put the client in the first place is so important as always. Our agency of development Web designs and develops for you, but you maintain the experience of its visitor to the vanguard of the process.


The design of the user interface is excited. Everything what makes happy its visitors also does to us happy! Or a showy animation or interactive bellboys on whom click can be done, we can help him to implement a design attractive and receptive Web that to the visitors enchants to them.


Whether it has a great idea for its new website as if it wishes to count on our professional advising and to take advantage of our vision the industry, puts itself in touch today with us to speak of the design Web who you need with an Agency Design Web in innovating and oriented Cordoba to the future.

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The best experience

There are three palabritas that all good designer of webpages adores to listen: User-centered design. Also known as UX design (User Experience) and design UI (User Interface), the key of these concepts is to create websites and applications designed around the objective user. The objective? To cause that navigation and the purchase in a website are so intuitive and nice as is possible. It is good for the rates by ricochet, brilliant to improve the conversions and brilliant to construct the loyalty of the client.

To take the design from UX in serious is essential in the sophisticated world online of nowadays. Whichever better it is the experience of its visitors, more probable is than they remain in its page, become, they recommend to him and they return to make businesses with you again. You would not return to a store where the personnel was crude and you could not find what you wanted, so why to give to the clients online east bad treatment? If its business in line suffers of a high rate by ricochet or dissapointing conversions, it is hour to examine more close by the experience of the user with our experts in Design Web.

Your image is important

Who you as company are? It is an important question, everything is not Dise±o Web. If you do not know it, your potential clients will not know it either. In order to construct a solid base of clients, to enjoy the continued sales and to benefit from a great commitment with the clients, it is hour to take in serious the definition from his brand and the construction of his identity name brand.

The businesses no longer are anonymous. With the height of social means, it is more important that never to know in question and to present a strong and memorable personality to his public.

When cohesive and convincing asking itself who you are, what is what better it does, who are their markets objective and how it wants to be perceived, goes by good way to create a consistent brand. All this help to its visitors to connect itself with you at a more personal level, driving the sales and increasing the retention of clients. And there it is where it enters Zakatki, Agency of Design Web.

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What include our services of Webpages?

We give 12 reasons you so that more you realise your project with Zakatki and you do not have yourself to worry about anything. All these services come including in our plans of Design Web. Taking notices and compares!


Manager of Contents

Your Administrable webpage 100%. Facility so that you can self-manage your website. 


Web Hosting

We took care to lodge your webpage in the best servers located in Spain.


SEO On Page

We optimize each page that we create for the web search engines and to position to you enters first.


To size

Nothing of predefined groups without personality, we constructed your Web to size so that she is unique.


Registry of Domain

We register the Domain of your Website by you, or .es .com .net, and in addition we can advise to you.


Optimization Web

The optimization of your webpage is very important, as well as the speed of load, leaves it in our hands.


Responsive design

Your Web 100% adapted for mobiles and tablets, so that you do not lose nor a client.



All it customized accounts of e-mails with your domain that you need.



5 hours of maintenance Web including throughout the year if you have hosting with us.


Social networks

Total integration with your Social Networks, so that your users have everything to a click and they do not lose anything.


Certificate SSL

Your webpage will be protected and will be safe at any moment. We install pertinent certificates.


Support 24/7

We did not leave you at any moment, we guaranteed the stability and support to you that you need.

Our plans of Design Web

In Zakatki we can make reality your project with our equipment of Design Web, or a simple Web or a project very elaborated, we are here for helping you. We offer we offer some very economic prices of design Web, so that it is by hand of all. But this is not everything, if you think that your webpage in touch does not fit with any of these tariffs ponte with us, certainly we have a solution for you. You have more doubts on our prices and tariffs of design Web? It in touch reviews our frequent questions or ponte with us. 


In order to have an idea than we have made for our clients, please, throws a look to ours portfolio of design Web. 


Landing Page

  • 1 Page
  • Professional images
  • Forms
  • Writing of Contents



  • 3 Pages
  • Professional images
  • Forms
  • Writing of Contents
  • Self-managementable


Corporative Web

  • 8 Pages
  • Professional images
  • Forms
  • Writing of Contents
  • Self-managementable
  • Blog
  • Portfolio


more services than can interest to you€¦

Not yet you sell online? 30% of all the purchases of Spain are almost made already by Internet. We can help you, we are expert in electronic commerce.

We helped with a strategy SEO him to find its objective public and to take qualified visits to its website.

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Social networks

Also we took care of the maintenance of your social networks and of the content of your webpage. You do not neglect your image!

We were in charge of the maintenance of your website while you concentrate yourself in your business.

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