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How to improve quickly your classification for keywords? How to gain visibility in the searches of your clients?

The majority says that already they have worked hard, writing contained, constructing to connections, eliminating technical problems in the site€¦ When not seeing immediate results, they are asked if there is something more can help to impel the results of its search.

When one is to improve the classifications, nothing surpasses to the publication of content of quality optimized for the objective keyword, to the involution of its authority or the improvement of the experience of the user.

Shelp this, I know a handful small adjustments of SEO that, although do not increase to much the classifications, yes that will increase the possibilities that the content classifies more stop.

It improves your visibility in the searches in 8 fast steps SEO 4

And in this post, allow to show to them some me of the best practices on fast forms to increase his visibility in the SEO. But, before home, a small introduction so that you do not lose yourself.

What is the visibility in the searches?

The technical definition of the visibility of the searches is the percentage of Considered Traffic (position of keyword CTR x Volume of the Search) divided by the Potential of Traffic (considered traffic assuming that all the key words are in the position #1).

Briefly, a visibility score is based on the good that their key words are in the SERP. This is only one of the metric ones that you would have to monitor to evaluate the performance of your content.

The more high it is his visibility in the SEO, the more key words objective will have in his ranking.

Now that it has an idea than is the visibility SEO, lets show to me how to increase it to him.

1. Interlink of the page of destiny with another authorized content using the keyword in the anchor text

Sometimes the greater challenge to secure a better ranking of key words is to obtain that Google understands better the subject of the page.

Clearly, many strategies exist that help to communicate to in question web search engine the page. To incorporate more key words LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is one of them. To optimize the SEO of the page is another one.

Perhaps but occasionally, you need to go a step further on. And there it is where this adjustment of SEO is useful.

  • Why? , because Google can use the anchorage text that aims at a page stops:
  • To discern its meaning.

To identify the most excellent keyword to classify it.

Here there is an extract of the article of Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, €œthe anatomy of a web search engine hypertextual Web on a large scale €œ, published in Stanford, that explains it with more detail:

€œThe majority of the web search engines associates the text of a connection with the page in which it is the connection. In addition, we associated it with the page at which he points the connection. This has several advantages. First of all, the connections often provide more precise descriptions of the webpages that the own pages €œ.

Naturally, the internal anchor text is not a great factor of classification in itself. But you can use it to send a relevance signal to help Google to understand the keyword of the page.

This, as well, could be translated in slightly better classifications. Or at least, it will give one better opportunity him to increase the results still more search.

2. To improve puts them tags

There is no doubt: the goal tags (put-title and put-description) provides to Google a strong signal of relevance. And when doing it, they help to that its content acquires better classifications in the SERP.

The other benefit to improve puts them tags is the potential of a greater rate of click.

After all, our behavior search is changing. Often, we skipped the first organic result instead of content that promises to fulfill our needs.

This would suggest could be won in the results search analyzing, and soon surpassing the classified pages already.

If your competition is not using the exact keyword in its titles. To use it in his, could offer an opportunity to obtain some advantage in the SERP and obtain more visibility in the searches.

3. It includes the missing content that the other pages of the ranking it includes

Although it is important to surpass to other websites, also it is important that one makes sure that its content is optimized to present to the end user all the information that needs. He is useful to see what other pages of first category include in their content that you could be ignoring. This does not mean to plagiarize of other sites, but rather to understand through multiple different contents of classification what the user could be looking for.

Sometimes, it is possible that key content in its page has forgotten, so reviews what classification pages superior include in cohad his; if a handful of pages includes it, probably it is important that you also do it. What is more €“ is to offer your unique perspective and your experience on that area that lacks.

For the content that already is published, it returns periodically and it looks what others include and how you can optimize your content to have more authority and visibility in the searches, that are what we looked for.

Concentrate yourself in this tactics when to its page it needs front page of the web search engine (normally we do it for the pages that is between position 8 and 20). It is not worth the pain to concentrate itself in the content that is beyond position 20 because, unfortunately, a ranking of so high content usually means that there are lost the brand and the optimization efforts will not make a substantial difference. Perhaps you did not focus in the correct intention search. Or it could be a combination of things as I connect, speed of the page, etc. Sometimes, can be the result of which a thematic area is so competitive, with as much contained people creating authoritarian, who are too difficult to surpass.

4. It consults the page of destiny in the home page

  • I admit that this adjustment works better for specific projects. Projects as:
  • A new long guide that you want to use to aim at a highly competitive keyword.
  • A page of a specific category for which you want to obtain better classifications in Google.

Vinculables assets for its next campaign of construction of connections, etc.

With this type of content, you want that Google indexes it as rapidly as possible, making sure that she does not lose herself in the tracking. Without mentioning, that also gives more authority him of connection, and gaining visibility in the searches.

My recommendation: to connect it from the main page. It includes a connection of text to the page in the footer, making sure that it does not finish in all the site or some place of the copy.

It improves your visibility in the searches in 8 fast steps SEO 5

The reason: the home page is the assets more hard than it has in the site.

Here it is because.

The home page usually acquires the greater amount of connections and mentions. After all, the majority of the people who make reference to their organization will use the URL of their page of home.

As result, the page quickly obtains the greater authority of the page. And it is from the main page that other pages also acquire their authority.

Therefore, to connect to its page of destiny from the one of home shortens the way of distribution of the connections. As well, this increases the authority of the connection that acquires and assures that it is indexed much more fast.

5. To add semantic key words to cover a subject in its totality

It writes semantic key words in your content to increase to his authority and your visibility in the searches. When a user makes a search in Google, he is looking for the most excellent and expert list in the SERP to give an appropriate response him. As the web search engine wants to please the end user, it presents the information to him most probable to respond to his consultation. For it, it looks for an authorized source for the subject at issue.

Therefore, the semantic key words not only provide to the web search engine more context on their page, but they also demonstrate that it is an authorized source on the subject and that it has covered a subject in his totality, reason why the web search engines can prioritize their page to the end user.

6. To include more key words in the title

Typically, when the holders write, the SEO concentrates in including the main keyword. The ideal is that they at the outset position it in some place. As the holder appears typically in the H1 label, its effect in the ranking is irrefutable.

Nevertheless, I know a formula titles that allows to add more key words there. Although I must admit that it works better for blog entrances that stop pages with commercial intention.

In order to begin, the resulting holder is too long for the pages of products or similar assets. Also it is difficult to anyway expand the title of a page with additional information.

The formula is seen thus:

It improves your visibility in the searches in 8 fast steps SEO 6

[To title incl. primary keyword]: [Subtitular incl. secondary keyword]

Be observed that, in fact, its structure is made up of two holders. The main one that includes the keyword of its objective, and a subtitle that more information offers.

This way, I can, potentially, expand the number of key words for which my content could be classified and thus to increase visibility in the searches.

7. To add to attractive openings and multimedia to maintain to the users reading by more time

The irrelevance is the greater problem with the content nowadays and is in classifications potentially more poor men.

Why? Because whenever a reader a.) finds its irrelevant content, and b.) leaves the page immediately, sends a signal of low quality to the web search engine. It is not necessary to say that this is not good for the visibility in the searches of the site.

In the same way, the people who remain in their page by more time communicate the high quality of the content to Google.

  • The solution:
  • To captivate to a reader with a strong paragraph of opening. The ideal is that he is excellent for the same problem that attracted them its content. Here there is a great resource of Neil Patel who shows how to do it well.

It includes multimedia €“ animated videos, lines of vision, etc. €“ to retain to the visitors by more time.

8. To improve the legibility of the mobiles

In spite of efforts to improve the movable experience, we continued creating text as if the users read it in the writing-desk.

We formed it in small sources. We specify an insufficient space between the lines. Demons, we even wrote in too long orations. And they cause that the content is seen little attractive in a small screen.

And in the era of social means, where the content shares constantly through the movable devices, it is imperative that its content is optimized for the movable legibility.

Given the importance that Google gives UX movable, to improve the movable optimization it only can benefit his classifications and the visibility in the searches from his Web.

  • Next, we offer some ideas to him exceeds how to do it:
  • It increases the legibility of its content. Form it so that the users do not have to tweak it to read it. In addition, make sure that they can move and even so to obtain the essential of the information.
  • It improves the speed of the movable page.

And it shows all the content, without hiding no information.

And that is everything€¦

Since already there am saying, no of these adjustments will have a great impact in its classification of key words nor in its visibility in the searches. But certainly they could increase the possibilities that your content classifies more stop.

You have remained with desire of more? Then to continue reading articles, the news or studies on SEO and Positioning Web in the section SEO.

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