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of the page it is a critical factor in digital marketing nowadays.

  • It has a significant impact in:
  • The time that the visitors remain in their site.
  • How many of them they become payment clients.
  • How much it pays on the basis of CPC in the phelp search.

Where you position yourself in the organic search.

Still with doubts if it is worth the trouble to dedicate to him to time to the speed of load and the optimazi³n of your website? In Moz they left it well clearly to us.

Unfortunately, the majority of the websites has a poor performance as far as the speed of load: how to gain more traffic and conversions of the page, and that has a direct negative impact in its income.

There is a number almost infinitely of things that we can spend our days doing as digital salesmen, and never is sufficient time to do them all. As result, some things remain in background.

One of the things that seem to be in background is the optimization of the speed of load of the page. This is easy to understand because most people really do not understand the importance of this detail that often is ignored, reason why do not see the value of investing to time and money to improve it in a few seconds less or.

What can seem an amount of inconsequential time for some salesmen, including whom they only concentrate in the optimization of the web search engines, it has demonstrated that he is monumental by the data of the giants of the industry until our own analytical data.

Speed of Load: how to gain more traffic and conversions 4

I will assume that you are as I and you want to maximize your results, and by all means, your income, truth? Then we begin to make your faster website!

1. Web Hosting

A form in which much people try to save money is choosing the type of lodging shared cheap that fills so many websites as they can fit in a servant, as a pile of clowns accumulated in a single car. To the devil with the yield!

Clearly, its website will be available most of the time as it would be it with the majority of the lodgings Web, but it will be loaded so slowly that their visitors will go away frustrated without getting to become buyers.

People want to be in her website enough time to do what they came to do, or to obtain an answer, to buy a product or some other specific objective. If she delays them although he is a little, it is probable that they hate her experience and they go away without becoming.

How much does difference have really?

In agreement with a study realised by Amazon, a difference of only 100ms €“ a time unit that a human not even can perceive, was sufficient to reduce its sales in a 1%. Walmart found similar results.

If that element of time has as much direct hit in the sales, what type of impact thinks that he will have a second or more?

But one does not pause there because the rapidity (or slowness) with which its website is also loaded has an impact in the classification of the organic search and in the costs of payment by click.

In other words, if its website has a speed of slow load, he must hope that their competitors who have invested in this critical area eat your lunch.

There are many lodgings Web that are optimized for the speed of load, in particular for the websites of WordPress, and some of them have a price similar to the one of the economic options.

2. To reduce calls HTTP

All the necessary archives so that a webpage works, as HTML, CSS, Javascript, images and sources require a separated request HTTP. Whatever more requests become, slower will be the speed of load of the page.

The majority of the subjects loads one or more archives CSS and several archives Javascript. Some, as Jquery or FontAwesome, usually are loaded remotely from another servant, which drastically increases the time that takes a page in loading itself.

This becomes problematic still more when the additional archives of CSS and Javascript are considered added by plugins. It is easy to finish with average dozen or more requests HTTP only of archives CSS and Javascript.

  • When all the images of a page consider, that require a each request HTTP separately, quickly it leaves control.
  • It fuses the archives Javascript in a single file.
  • It fuses archives CSS in a single file.
  • To reduce or to eliminate plugins that loads their own archives Javascript and/or CSS. In some cases, as with the gravity forms, you have the option of deshabilitarlos so that they are not loaded.
  • To use sprites for images of frequent use.

To use a source as FontAwesome or Ionic Icons instead of image archives whenever it is possible because then it is only needed to load a file.

3. To include the final bar

To omit the bar in the connections that aim at their website, or of outsourcing (link building) or within their own website, has an adverse impact in the speed of load of your website.

I have here how:

When he visits a URL without the bar, the Web server will look for a file with that name. If he does not find a file with that name, he will treat it as a directory and he will look for the file predetermined in that directory.

In other words, when omitting the final bar, you are forcing the servant to execute an unnecessary redirection 301. Whereas it can seem instantaneous for you, it takes a little more from time, and since we have already established, each small bit is added.

https://web.com (this is bad) or https://web.com/blog (this also is bad)


https://web.com/ (this is good) or https://web.com/blog/ (this also is good)

4. To qualify the compression

To qualify compression GZIP can to reduce significantly amount of time that takes in unloading your archives HTML, CSS, Javascript because they unload as compressed files much more small, that soon decompress once they arrive at the navigator, which optimizes their speed of load.

One does not worry €“ their visitors will not have to do nothing extra because all the modern navigators support GZIP and already they automatically process it for all the requests HTTP.

5. Storage in cache

With the storage in cache of the qualified navigator, the elements of a webpage are stored in the navigator of their visitors so that the next time who visit their site, or when they visit another page, his navigator can load the page without having to send another request HTTP to the servant by anyone of the elements stored in cache.

Once front page has been loaded and their elements are stored in the memory I broke of the user, it is only necessary to unload new elements in the following pages. This can drastically reduce the number of archives that are due to unload during a session of typical navigation.

6. To diminish the resources

To diminish the archives CSS and Javascript eliminates the spaces in target and the unnecessary commentaries to reduce the size of the file, and as result, the time that takes in unloading them.

Luckily, this does not have to be a process manual because there are several tools available in line to turn a file into a smaller and minificada version of itself.

  • Also plugins available for WordPress that will replace the connections in the head of their website for their regular archives CSS and Javascript with a version minificada of the same without modifying their original archives, including popular plugins of frisking are several as:
  • Total W3 Breaks
  • Super WP Breaks

WP Rocket

It can take a little effort to secure the correct configuration because the minificaci³n often can break the CSS and the Javascript, so once you have minificado everything, assure to you to prove your website thoroughly.

7. To prioritize the content

Its website can seem to him to the visitor who load more quickly if it is codified to give priority to the content that is over the page, that is to say, the content that is visible before the visitor dissatisfies himself.

This means that there is to make sure that any element that appears over folds is also more close possible of the principle of code HTML so that the navigator can unload it and renderizarlo first.

Also it is fundamental to include any CSS and Javascript that is required for in line renderizar that area instead of in an external file CSS.

8. To optimize average

Because the movable devices with cameras of high quality are common and to that the modern systems of management of contents since WordPress causes that he is advisable to raise images, many people simply take a photo and they raise without realizing it of which, often, the image is at least four times greater of the necessary thing.

This slows down considerably its website, especially for the users of mobiles.

The optimization of the means archives in its website has the potential to enormously improve the speed of load of its page, and to do it is relatively easy, reason why it is a good investment of his time.

  • It optimizes the images
  • It decides on the ideal format. JPG is perfect for photographic images, whereas GIF or png is better for images with great areas of solid color. Archives png of 8 bits are for images without channel alpha (transparent bottom) and those of 24 bits are for images with channel alpha.
  • Make sure that the images have the suitable size. If an image is 800 pixels of width in its website, an image of 1600 pixels of width is no benefit when using.

It compresses the image file. In addition to being the best edition program of images, Adobe Photoshop has a capacity of impressive compression of images. Also it can use plugins gratuitous of WordPress €“ as WWW Image Optimizer, Imsanity, and TinyJPG €“ that automatically compress the loaded images.

You would not have to pause there, because that only spider the surface.

In order to really optimize mass media in its website, it is necessary to serve the images as appropriate size based on the size of the screen instead of simply to change its size.

  • There are two ways to handle this, based on the implementation of an image.
  • The images within the HTML of their website can be served using src set, that allows the navigator to select, to unload and to show the appropriate image based on the size of screen of the device that a visitor is using.

The images placed through CSS €“ as images typically basic, they can be served using average consultations as selecting the appropriate image based on the size of the screen of the device that a visitor is using.

9. To use Caching and CDNs

The storage in cache allows that the Web server stores a static copy of his webpages so that they can be given to the navigator of the visitor more quickly, whereas a CDN allows that those copies are distributed to the servers worldwide so that the navigator of the visitor can unload them of the servant nearest his location. This improvement the speed of load of the webpage dramatically.

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