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Specialized in the design and development of websites in platform CMS number one of the world.
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Design Web WordPress

In Zakatki, we took the development of WordPress to another level. We use WordPress as it bases to create rich sites with customized subjects to size, plugins and functionality.


WordPress is the most powerful CMS to construct its website, its store or its business and enchants to us to use it.


We have grown along with WordPress from its launching in 2003 and we have used it throughout his evolution from a simple platform of blogs to the platform of enterprise level through which it in line passes a third of all the electronic commerce.

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Responsive design

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Interactive design

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Experience of User

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Your equipment in Cordoba

We are one of the main developers in Design Web WordPress, with one decade of experience in the construction of websites CMS, as well as in the design and the construction of beautiful customized subjects of WordPress.


In addition, to provide an extra functionality to him, our developers of WordPress work with last plug-ins and widgets for their individual needs, often creating some highly customized developments of plug-ins of WordPress when it is necessary.


In addition to constructing and developing your website to size, our designers of WordPress will provide all the formation to you who you need so that you and your equipment can manage your website effectively.


Also we led the development of the electronic commerce, and provided a great amount of digital services that can help to that its business prospers.

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Professionalism and Experience

We have given dozens of design projects and development of unique websites in the last 10 years and we are proud to produce well designed websites of WordPress, beautifully designed and robust. 


Not only we will design his business an impressive website, but using the last standards of codification and frame of work, we will make sure that the nucleus of the trips of the user flows without problems and contains all the functionality necessary to make sure that becomes.


Our equipment of designers and developers is specialistic in Design Web WordPress who work hard to understand their business to make sure that we gave a website to him that works hard in line for its business. 

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The best functionalities

As system of management of contents of open code (CMS) are tens of thousands of developers in the community that work together to improve the site, to reinforce the security and to add new characteristics.


In addition, plugins are more than 50,000 available to improve the functionality of its website. Everything from Yoast to reinforce the SEO of your website, WP Rocket to improve the speed, WooCommerce to turn your website into a store of electronic commerce and WordFence to add an extra layer of security.


Our developers actively are involved with the community of open code and contribute regularly with code, verifications and contributions that are gotten up to the official launchings of WordPress!


Also we specialized in the development of plugins of WordPress customized to do specific works for companies that take the power of the CMS to the following level.

Your image is important

When a user sees one of our Web sites done in WordPress, he does not have nor idea of in what he was constructed. For the users who visit to us, WordPress is everything about its brand and image. The advantage that you obtain is when you need to administer and to control the content that the usuary visitors will see!


What you, as administrator of your website, obtain is the capacity to initiate session in a closed area of the back-end, from which can manage absolutely all that with its site. From the control of the existing pages and the addition of completely new pages, to the management of users and the creation of new forms of contact. This area of the CMS is so intuitive to use that the users technicians cannot even get used to easily controlling and updating their website.


In spite of this level of acceptance on the part of the users, the required level of complexity is there in the back-end to allow our developers to personalize the system to satisfy the needs with its business.

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What include our services of Webpages with WordPress?

We give 12 reasons you so that very well you know that Zakatki are your agency and you forget all the others. All these services come including in our plans of Design Web WordPress. You score?


Manager of Contents

Your Administrable webpage 100%. Facility so that you can self-manage your website. 


Web Hosting

We took care to lodge your webpage in the best servers located in Spain.


SEO On Page

We optimize each page that we create for the web search engines and to position to you enters first.


To size

Nothing of predefined groups without personality, we constructed your Web to size so that she is unique.


Registry of Domain

We register the Domain of your Website by you, or .es .com .net, and in addition we can advise to you.


Optimization Web

The optimization of your webpage is very important, as well as the speed of load, leaves it in our hands.


Responsive design

Your Web 100% adapted for mobiles and tablets, so that you do not lose nor a client.



All it customized accounts of e-mails with your domain that you need.



5 hours of maintenance Web including throughout the year if you have hosting with us.


Social networks

Total integration with your Social Networks, so that your users have everything to a click and they do not lose anything.


Certificate SSL

Your webpage will be protected and will be safe at any moment. We install pertinent certificates.


Support 24/7

We did not leave you at any moment, we guaranteed the stability and support to you that you need.

Our plans of Design Web WordPress

In Zakatki we can make reality your project with our equipment of Design Web WordPress, or a simple Web or a project very elaborated, we are here for helping you. We offer we offer some very economic prices of webpages, so that it is by hand of all. But this is not everything, if you think that your webpage in touch does not fit with any of these tariffs ponte with us, certainly we have a solution for you. You have more doubts on our prices and tariffs of design Web? It in touch reviews our frequent questions or ponte with us. 


In order to have an idea than we have made for our clients, please, throws a look to ours portfolio of design Web wordpress. 


Landing Page

  • 1 Page
  • Professional images
  • Forms
  • Writing of Contents



  • 3 Pages
  • Professional images
  • Forms
  • Writing of Contents
  • Self-managementable

250‚¬the month

Corporative Web

  • 8 Pages
  • Professional images
  • Forms
  • Writing of Contents
  • Self-managementable
  • Blog
  • Portfolio

400‚¬the month

more services than can interest to you€¦

Not yet you sell online? 30% of all the purchases of Spain are almost made already by Internet. We can help you, we are expert in electronic commerce.

We helped with a strategy SEO him to find its objective public and to take qualified visits to its website.

Also we took care of the maintenance of your social networks and of the content of your webpage. You do not neglect your image!

We were in charge of the maintenance of your website while you concentrate yourself in your business.

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