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Whenever I sail at random by websites, always am having left I a little more in those than they have an amazing design. He absolutely did not surprise to me to discover that the majority of them is design companies Web. It is his way to subtly say that they are the best ones in design, insisting to contract them to you to renew your site.

In the companies, where the blogs are forward edge of defense, it is very necessary to consider everything what you are going to publish.

In this post, I would like to share with you the things that you, as blogger and businessman, would have to do and to consider to write to gain more clients and, more than that, his confidence.

1. He shows your equipment

A businessman shelp once: €œBusiness has success not because it is established for a long time or because it is great, but because there are men and women in him who live it, sleep it, they dream and they construct it great plans for him de futuro€.

John Willard Marriott

The majority of the companies so is obsessed with writing envelope which can do by a client, or on the mission and vision of its company, that neglect the people who do it possible: the equipment.

It hears! There is nothing no bad in wanting a stellar mission-vision, but from time to time, it tries to show your equipment the public. They write in the blog on the recent exit of his equipment, the formation of the equipment, or even simple dinners! To do this not only will give to your potential clients the knowledge of what type of people will work for their products, but also will demonstrate that your equipment is formed by really enthusiastic people and workers, and not by robots.

When you are safe of the characteristics and capacities of your company, surely there is nothing you must hide.

2. It writes on his services

During the last times, the blog of Zakatki has been an avenue of updates, tutorial, advice and guides on marketing in Internet, social means blogs, marketing and all that with the SEO.


Simply because it is the love of our lives €“ it is where we are good. For example, we can write on the construction of bonds because we had been three years doing it and, as they spend the years, already felt more and more safe that what we are sharing is correct, basing us on the experiences!

We talked about to each word.

The clients will pay attention to which you have demonstrated to be good, not in the things in which you glide to experiment.

He leaves entered of your blog show them your experience.

3. To allow articles of users

I know that many will be in discord with me on this, but he hopes! Before you throw stones to me, clearly let to me be here.

I am not fomenting the Spam of connections that the majority of the invited blogueros does of in case. He filters requests of the blogs of guests. If you must make a revision of antecedents of those bloggers, do it. There will always be somebody whose main intention is to share knowledge more than the possibility of obtaining something of juice of connections of you.

Lee which offers, and if you think that he will benefit your readers instead of to fold the values, beliefs and specialty of your company, I suggest to you you accept it and you publish it.

This demonstrates disinterestedness. It is to tell him to which your blog is not only on same you, and who you worry about the thoughts about the others.

It shows an open mind. It shows the clients the fact that you are open to new ideas and to learn, and that in addition to your blog, probably also you are reading the blogs of others.

4. To publish personal subjects

It is well publishing personal subjects in your blog from time to time.

Secondly, it planned everything what is going to do once returns. For me, that is a guarantee of a wonderful future.

And finally, good we go, it is its wedding! You can't feel the joy in his tone? That tone to only convinced me that its marriage would do it more enthusiastic and responsible not only with its work, but with its life generally.

This type of entrance de futuro gives to people an idea of his plans, but more than that, he shows what person class you are, how real you are, and why they would have to trust you.

The blogs play a great role in the success of a business. The clients probably have read your blogs even before you say a word exceeds what you can offer. The first impressions usually come than you write in the blog, so mant©n the approach, the professionalism and the information. After all, we wrote for people, does not stop the web search engines.

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