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The global pandemic of the Coronavrus most of continues devastating the world and it does not seem that the recovery is going to happen soon. As the virus propagates in the world, the global economy also is herself affected negatively. The fact that the companies must close their stores or that the potential clients do not leave their houses by fear to be infected have caused that the digital technology is the main form to interact and to satisfy the needs with the clients.

These are difficult times for the majority, but the companies also have the capacity to adapt and to change their present strategy to arrive at their clients by means of the digitalization. As the dependency of the digitalis and the searches continues increasing in the middle of difficult times, it does not spend long time before the companies realize importance of happening to the digitalis and of having a great presence in the searches, and is there where we, the SEO, put of our part.

Shelp this, how it affects exactly the pandemic of the Coronavirus to the form in which people realise her searches? Averig¼©moslo.

The effect of the Coronavirus in several industries

The industry automobile

The industry automobile has undergone a massive fall since the pandemic began. This is totally comprehensible since the automobiles cannot be given directly in the house of the client. This requires that the people who want to buy cars must go personally to the concessionaire.

Coronavirus and SEO: how it affects to searches 4
Coronavirus and SEO: how it affects to searches 5

With the majority of the countries that experience closings, the industry automobile also is in a deadlock. Only one of our clients of automobiles underwent a fall near 50% from the pandemic. 50% can not seem much, but the price of a single sold automobile, this cause considers a massive damage to its income as manufacturer or concessionaire of automobiles.

Industry of the electronic commerce

Coronavirus and SEO: how it affects to searches 6

There is certain volatileness in the industry of the electronic commerce, since all the products that are sold in line are not in given demand the situation. Nevertheless, for the businesses that sell products that are needed by the clients, can be waited for massive tips in the sales and conversions. But for the majority of the websites of electronic commerce, there are more instances of his sales lowering as this client our:

Coronavirus and SEO: how it affects to searches 7

But also we have clients of electronic commerce who have undergone a massive increase of their sales during this pandemic of Coronavirus.

Industry of the health and the well-being

In the websites of the industry of the health and the well-being, it is more common to see low bullish tendencies that. Since the pandemic of the Coronavirus is a crisis of health and well-being, the users trust the search to stay updated and to inquire on the best practices, medical advice and general information on health and well-being.

This also includes the websites pharmaceutical and related to drugs. By all means, it is necessary to strive by E-A-T, but once the things become, the users also go to these websites during these difficult times. The tendencies to the rise are more common in these industries in search.

The initiative of Google

As widely he is known that Google is the web search engine leader in the world, knowledge panels even created and a page dedicated to all the information and resources that a user could need for the pandemic.

Its page concentrates mainly in increasing brings back to consciousness and the understanding of the pandemic of the Coronavirus. Also they included resources, advice and tendencies with respect to the used present terms search for the pandemic. It is possible to be acceded to the page through google.com/covid19.

Coronavirus and SEO: how it affects to searches 8

All these are accessible through the movable version also. It is important that the users stay informed on the recent events and Google is making its part to take to factual information and cradle in data to the users.

What the SEO can do in the middle of the pandemic

In the simplest terms, which the SEO can do during the pandemic is to continue doing what they are doing. But this includes to increase the efforts to take advantage of the different businesses that can use the benefits that the SEO offer.

The times are difficult and the businesses are not exceptions to the crisis. This increases the importance of having a great presence in the searches, since it is the best thing after the clients physically go to their stores. Aside from that, the search MEASURABLE and IS DIRECTED. The behavior of the users can be investigated and be understood. This means that we them SEOs have one of the best tools so that the companies take advantage of a massive market at which they could not arrive before.

Another thing that he requires that the companies move to the digitalis and to the searches is that although we are in the middle of a crisis, the users/clients continue needing products and services. Its business can be the one that they are looking for, but without being visible in the search, there is no way of which the users find their business.

Finally, when the things return to normality and we have recovered of the pandemic, the investments realised by the companies in SEO will not be wasted. Still we are in the digital era where the comfort, the efficiency and the speed are what the majority of the users looks for. Therefore, if the businesses do not appear on the front page, it is a massive loss of opportunities for them.

In essence

What the SEO can do is to communicate the important thing that is the SEO for a business, and what it is that we continue doing what occurs us well. The present subject is demonstrating to be plus a challenge and depends on us to afloat maintain the businesses in the middle of the crisis.

From Zakatki we put everything of our part to help to our clients in this difficult situation, and offered our services to any person who believes that she can benefit to him.

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