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If you have a website of electronic commerce or beams SEO for one, let to me tell you that it will give many headaches you. To make SEO for websites of electronic commerce requires long time and effort due to the size of these websites. The SEO of electronic commerce puts a great emphasis in the technical SEO and the page. If its website has hundreds or thousands of pages, first that must remember it is that each page presents an opportunity for the optimization of the SEO.

If it is reading this article, is gliding to create a website of electronic commerce or is in the process to optimize its present website but it does not know by where home. In this post, I will try to simplify the process to make SEO for websites of electronic commerce.

Structure of the website

To have a website of electronic commerce can be a disaster. I have seen many businesses where they continue raising new products until they realize of which the structure of its website so is disorganized that it is almost impossible to disentangle it. Itself you are gliding to create a new website, luckily for you. But already you are lost in the structure of your website, still is possible to be saved, but it will require long time to you

The structure of the websites of electronic commerce uses the same principle for other websites. Their more important pages would have to be accessible in only 1 or 2 clicks. It would have to be reflected in the main bar of navigation of his website.

In this case, in addition to their pages of destiny, their product categories would have to be accessible just by a click from their page of home and their product subcategories and pages would have easily to be accessible after that. This help to the dredges of the web search engines to understand the hierarchy of the pages of its website and also facilitates to the users navigation by its website.

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Here there is a good illustration of how it would have to be his website of electronic commerce:

To maintain a website structure as this also assures that the juice of the connections extends through its website. The majority of the bonds of backward movement of the websites of electronic commerce aims at the main page. So you must assure you that the home page is connected to the important pages and so on.

It considers that at the most deep is their website, the authority of the connections is diluted for the pages towards the end of the structure of his website. The pages that are to more than 3 clicks of distance of your page of home will receive less authority of the pages to 1 or 2 clicks of distance.

It constructs your list of key words

A good strategy of key words for the SEO of electronic commerce is to divide its list of key words in three: Informative key words, transactional key words and commercial key words.

The informative key words are those that the users use search the news, facts, advice and another information. The commercial key words are consultations in which the users sail their options of purchase but they do not have intention to still buy. Whereas the transactional key words are used by the users with the intention to buy.

Then, how you would know which is which?

You could use the results search to give tracks you of how Google understands the intention of a keyword.

Usually, the informative key words are key words long play that make questions as €œhow€ or €œwhat€ and they will serve for articles or entrances to you as blog.

The commercial key words are those that include terms as €œreasonable€ or €œbetter€. This means that the users are looking for a list in which they can investigate first before considering the purchase.

And finally, the transactional key words include general categories of products and product names. The users or are ready to buy and Google will give back to the pages of products or the pages of product categories in the results search.

The reason by that it must diversify his list of key words is that each type of keyword presents different opportunities. To have a website of electronic commerce means that there are thousands of pages that to optimize for the key words and each opportunity do not have to be wasted. We will speak more on this in the next sections.
To optimize puts them labels of products

For the SEO of electronic commerce, there is a limited number of places in which it can put key words in the pages of his products and its main opportunity is the title of the page here. The title of the page must include the keyword that is looking for a specific product or category.

Yes, you have read well. Each page must have its own keyword of destiny. It remembers what I shelp in the introduction envelope that each page presents an opportunity for the SEO? This is what there is here.

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In order to give an idea you, you have an example here. For a website that is selling vitamins and supplements, instead of only using vitamins and supplements for the sale in the label of the title, I put key words in each one of the pages of the product category.

This gives to the website more opportunities him at the results of the search.

Also it is important that it optimizes puts them descriptions for the rates of click. Without establishing its own goal description, Google will at random remove texts from the pages of its products and they will not be seen well in the results search.

A convincing content writes

Although the main objective of a website of electronic commerce is to sell products, the content continues being vital and it continues it needing to improve his classifications.

To write blog entrances that go to informative or commercial key words will bring traffic to its websites and could use a call to the action to drive people to buy in its website.

Also it could use the internal liaisons to take to the users of articles of the blog to the product pages and to maintain them in his website to have more possibilities of turning them.

To have important pages in the map of the XML site

It is not necessary to say that its file of map of XML site must include all the important pages of its website. Sitemap XML helps Google to identify the pages to which it must give priority in the tracking

A habitual error that I see that the users commit is that they do not include the pages of his product in sitemap. It always must include the main pages of the category of products and the individual product pages in his sitemap XML. It could leave the subcategories. It remembers whenever, in the case of the websites of electronic commerce, each page offers more opportunities, reason why would have to leave Google tracks them most frequently and priority.

It could create a map of the independent site for products and the content, so that it could organize better his connections. Next, sitemaps in the Console search of Google could send both to make sure that both are tracked.

It uses rel=canonical for the duplicated pages

To have many categories or subcategories of products can cause pages duplicated for its products, which can harm its SEO.

If a product is labelling in two or more subcategories, some systems of management of contents will create a page for each subcategory in which it is and will produce multiple URL with the same content in their interior. You must choose a page as the main content/origin and use rel=can³nico in the other pages.

Beam that your store is easy to use for the mobile

The proprietors of websites of electronic commerce always will want that their store is virtually attractive to attract more people, but virtually attractive it does not mean efficiency.

When a website of electronic commerce is created, the speed for the design is not due to jeopardize, especially for the mobile. A great part of the sales of electronic commerce becomes from the mobile and to have a website that does not adjust well to the mobile is a missed opportunity.

To apply Schema

The fact to have noticeable of scheme adapted for all the pages of its product allows Google to show to its product and its details in enriched results. The use of the marked one of the scheme of the product can cause that their products are visually attractive in the results search and the images of Google to attract more people to their website

If it accepts reviews in his website, also it can apply the AggregateRating scheme within the scheme of the product so that Google can show the star scores in the results search.

In order to obtain the suitable qualification of the scheme accepted by Google, this guide can consult exceeds how to apply schema of the product. Also you can use accessories to automate the application of the scheme. After the application, you will be able to see the pages of valid products or the errors in the marked one of the scheme in the €œReport of the product€ of the Console search of Google.

To optimize images

The websites of electronic commerce contain one ton of images, sometimes multiple images by product. The optimized images cannot to a great extent affect the speed of load of their website

When it loaded images, it always tries to compress them to reduce his size without diminishing his quality. Also it can use tools to automate this process in the case of the images that or are loaded by means of tools or accessories, so that it does not have to return to load each image. Plugins are many that way, but I use EWWW Image Optimizer for our websites regularly, since we used WordPress mainly.

Another thing that you would have to optimize is the alternative text for the images or the alternative text. This is a good opportunity for the optimization of images. You could place key words in the images of your products to help to appear them in the images of Google.

You have doubts? We have forgotten something? It has served to You? Tell it everything us in the commentaries.

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