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It does not matter how long has been in the field of the SEO, probably has heard speak of the importance of the structure of a site for the yield of the organic search.

With every year that happens, it encounter more near the top of my list of things important in which to work when one works with a site.

What is the structure of a website?

At heart, the structure of a site is simply the act to organize a website.

The objective of this organization is to create a site that is easily navigable by the users and who at the same time allow the web search engines to track the site easily.

One of the first things that a SEO learns when it is introduced actually is the optimization in the page that has a great dependency of the organization in the page through use of labels of headed (H1, H2, H3, etc.).

The structure of a site is an extrapolated version of this organization.

For example, I like to think that a website is as a house. The ideal house has the appropriate number of rooms that are easily accessible.

In this analogy, the pages imagine as rooms. So that the house is inhabitable, it is necessary to make sure that the corridors. Without these corridors, it would only be possible to be acceded to the rooms by the outer windows.

Subjects versus. Key words

One of the main points to create an ideal structure of the site is how to organize the pages in thematic silos.

Whereas the investigation of key words is a subject in itself, I will say that it is important to less think about your pages/groups of pages from a perspective of key words and more as subjects.

When concentrating in the subjects, a content will be able to create a holistic approach of the direction of its page being created that responds to the questions within each part of the trip of the buyer.

At the end of the day, the investigation of key words continues being a crucial element of the content creation if you want that a page is classified well. The greater difference is in a change of mentality.

The key words no longer are only something that is put in a page and soon it is classified for that specific consultation after constructing a few connections.

The things are more complicated now.

The web search engines are much more intelligent and process the content of more efficient way.

It is why the mentality must change to determine what subjects must be covered in a page or a grouping with pages to cover the subject with extensive form.

  • When it is made correctly, this method of content creation can take a:
  • An expansion of the inventory of key words.
  • Better classifications.

Better commitment of the user.

To create a IA structure

After working in the phase of investigation and to establish the main subjects in which its site must concentrate, now it is the moment for constructing the architecture of information of his site, also well-known as IA.

You remember the previous analogy on a website that works as a house with pages that represent the single rooms of the house?

The architecture of information of the site would be represented by the corridors that connect the rooms.

SEO: Structure Web and Internal liaisons 4

This analogy is a great thing to consider when you are constructing the architecture of information of your site.

The image of above illustrates how it must be the structure of a typical site.

In the part superior of the experience, you have your page of home, that probably is the visited page more of the site.

Soon the main page will tie with the silos of main subjects of the site.

These silos will act as groups around the subjects in which the site concentrates.

The greater benefit of this is that when the web search engines track these groups of subjects, they have one better understanding than his site it is in fact.

When placing the content in logical thematic silos, the content of a site structure so that it helps to support the general subject.

As well, this creates authority for the subject or subjects in which the content is being created.

Here it is where concept E-A-T of Google enters game.

Whichever better a site as authority for a subject can be established, more possibilities will have to classify itself for the pertinent consultations in the web search engines.

Like the web search engines, if a site creates a useful content that resonates in the users and help to respond to its questions, there are more possibilities of than that user constructs a recognition of the site about.

As the user has more questions or needs about will have more probabilities of returning directly to their site.

To use the internal liaisons

One of the most crucial elements of the construction of the architecture of a logical site is the entailment between the pages.

This can be done so much through elements of navigation as of internal liaisons in the content of the body.

Then, why so are important the internal liaisons?
From the point of view of the user and of the web search engine, the internal liaisons help to discover a page. If a page is not connected, it becomes more difficult to find and it is less probable that it is raked so often, if it does.

SEO: Structure Web and Internal liaisons 5

The internal liaisons help with the fairness flow that a page has accumulated. This allows that the deepest pages within a site are classified better for the related terms.

A good way to think about this concept is as a champagne tower.

If one wins in the part superior of the tower (that represents a page of a site) it has an abundance of champagne flowing towards her (who represents external liaisons of quality), then champagne will flow towards other pages as long as they are piled up consequently (or they connect them).
To update without moving the pages

If the site with that you are working is not a new construction, but rather something that has age, then you will want to walk with well-taken care of when doing the updates of the structure of the site.

One of the first things that to much people it likes to do is to change the physical URL of a page and to move the page where it is within the subdirectories of the site.

This is incredibly dangerous and can have an enormous negative impact in the SEO.

Although a redirection can solve this problem, is not the most efficient form to create one better structure of the site.

The redireccionamientos take the efficiency from the flow of fairness of the external liaisons and internal.

Although probably she would be fastest to implement, the cleaning of these connections to update to the new URL would be incredibly slow.

A form to move something of a thematic silo to another one is to make sure to correctly implement the bread crumbs in a page.

Once the bread crumbs are qualified and have noticeable the appropriate one, it is only question to change the appropriate point of the silo where it is wanted to associate the page.

Although the physical location of a page within the structure does not change, this method allows that the web search engines see that there is a change the next time that track the page.

This method also eliminates the dredges that possibly see this as a completely new page that allows that the page previously conserves all their established patrimony.

This also gives to the users the capacity him to sail easily within this funnel. It is to win/to win.

The wheel does not re-invent

Like other tasks within the SEO, its competition is a fantastic resource.

A look throws to your competition that is rendering well for the subjects that you are trying to classify.

If they are making the things good, you would have to be able to determine how its site is structured, which will give a vision him of the things that the web search engines could be favoring.

In addition, you will have the potential capacity to find still more ample subjects to cover within his structure.


The structure/architecture of a website is incredibly important pieces of the puzzle of the SEO

When establishing a planned good structure for its site from the home, is establishing a base hard on the one than to construct.

Without a strong structure of the site, the rest of their efforts of SEO will have less impact in their general success.

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