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So finally you are in the ranking of Google and have a decent amount of traffic in your site, now what? Good, let say you to me that all the efforts that lead to those results would be wasted if you do not follow it with a robust strategy that increases the value of your site for your business.

The optimization of the rate of conversion (CRO) is more than a effort of digital marketing, is more as the art and the science that goes beyond the graphs that show an increase in the numbers. One is mainly the behavior and the experience of the user, areas that are difficult to quantify but it does not worry because the results are in the form of statistics, that are the main base of CRO.

Growth through the optimization of the rate of conversion

The optimization of the rate of conversion is defined simply as the process that implies to turn the visitors of its website into clients.

The CRO is one of the underestimated techniques of digital marketing more in the industry nowadays. It would not be seen many companies investing in CRO but I believe that they would have to do it. I have been in the field of digital marketing during one decade and have seen impressive results derived from powerful strategies and execution of CRO.

I believe that this is the answer to the ultimate goal of the websites that they look for to generate a return of the investment for his business. If you are thinking about turning your traffic into sales, then CRO is the way to follow. We have seen how the CRO makes its wonders as this study of case demonstrates it that helped us to happen from a 0.7% to a 729% of increase in the rate of conversion only through the implementation of CRO techniques. What amazing return of the investment, truth?

For the majority of the companies that are active in the digital space, that is the dream. To turn the visits to its site into sales is a cherry on a fantastic effort to increase its visibility in line.


There has been a long debate between the enthusiastic ones of the SEO and the CRO exceeds what package is more able to generate income. These services of digital marketing do their work to magnify the potential of growth of a website, but even so, there are people who argue that one is better than the other

Personally, there is no necessity to face them to each other because each is in an own league and the results of these services still are reduced to the objectives of their business. It is even better if it trains to the SEO and to the CRO so that they go of the hand and they give the best visibility him online than it can have for his objective market.

What it more likes me of the CRO and the SEO is that they are flexible disciplines with experiments that allow and equipment us to be kind to advance us to the curve and to obtain results in the way. Nevertheless, we stay remote to trust too much the €œtactics€ because one assumes that the CRO must be boarded with a process.

Nevertheless, you would not feel its results if the objectives of your business are vague from the home. Digital marketing only can do much by you if its model of business is in disorder.

It designs his objectives: How it is seen win in CRO

What it takes following discussion to me, to determine its intention for the CRO. As a brand with presence online, is natural that you want to emphasize between the multitude.

As system, CRO gives a monumental value him to the websites when arriving at a method that naturally brings the maximum of conversions for the businesses. For that reason it is important to determine his intention in making CRO. Here there are some advice to consider if finally he has decided to begin to make CRO for his site:

To formulate a plan

It knows what changes are going to implement, what is what tries to obtain and its rate of projected effectiveness. It remembers whenever the CRO is a complex process, reason why must know how it is going to take to end his execution. A linear plan with an actionable hypothesis will be its better bet to win in CRO. Organize yourself consequently and it will not find any problem with his project. It follows the best practices of CRO as to maintain a design powerful Web, to have a single CTA not to confuse the users, to have a UI and UX it cleans, to optimize his design for the speed of the site, and more.

To document everything

This will assure that never an element of its project is lost. Also you would have to document to your investigation and experimentation suitably to know what works and what no. Reviews your pages more seeing, which of them gain more sessions and the channels from which your users come. Also it is important that you suitably document to the strengths and weaknesses of your brand so that you can align it with your objectives of CRO.

Make sure to analyze the data correctly

A common error of that sometimes the CRO are guilty is that they do not know how to process the statistical data that its project has presented to them. They review its statistics and they always look for the best probability for its rates of conversion. This will be the best weapon than they can have for the CRO.

You are not scared to experiment

It proves new things until it maximizes its rates of conversion until the ceiling. It is well if an experiment does not work for you, because certainly you find one that yes does it if you do not stop experimenting. Beam tests A/B, measures the success through the data, or you even can experiment with a process that already works for you. When one is innovation, let yourself take by madness if that means that it will obtain the result that it looks for.

Guide to begin with CRO 4

Using Google it optimizes the data for the experiments

If you are a nascent one in CRO, perhaps you want to review Google Optimize. It is the gratuitous version of its counterpart, Optimize 360, since it has limited characteristics but even so it does the work. You I recommend it much because you can sail easily by his Control Panel. The visual publisher of the tool is not nothing special because also you can see many other tools of CRO that have that, but it is easier to change the things to me thanks to him.

Guide to begin with CRO 5

More and more specialistic of CRO they see the value that Optimize can contribute to its projects. I also use it by his clear data and their clean user interface, without mentioning that its function of information also is brilliant. The advantages of being a product of Google are that you can connect it to other tools, so to have integrated it with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager causes that the task of elaboration of information more is organized. Their data are very concise as you can see here:

Guide to begin with CRO 6

This it is an example than they will see in the report of Optimize. We have seen a slight increase in the sessions and the conversions. I have promulgated a change of button in the site and can see how CRO affects the data. The increase, although small, is a great improvement since this it is a report for my client who sells an expensive product, so if they look it, 14 conversions are definitively a victory already.

This section in the report helps to see us how the experiment of the CRO can work in the long term for us. To optimize simulates statistical data that can help to compare their previous yield with the present one. To have a rate of projected conversion would be significant for its project, since it will help to maintain the traction him in the search than it works for its CRO.

Optimize is also a generous playground for which they want to prove changes in his site. The tests are very important when it is experiments because they can help that is to say how to animate to the users to fill in a form or to buy a product.

Final reflections

CRO can remove the best thing from your website, especially if you are persecuting tracks. The good thing of this is that the nascent ones even can begin to implement this in their site if has the suitable strategies and devices to complement it. A project CRO begins once it has arrived at front page and will be imparabl

It comments next when it knew for the first time about CRO and we discuss until where we have arrived with the optimization of the rates of conversion.

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