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The visual search has been acquiring force during the last year, and the technology has improved to provide to more users the best results search. Along with the search by voice, this technology has had a greater use thanks to the appearance of applications of quality available in the movable devices.

Although there have been more trustworthy applications search visual in the mobile, some of the best tools search visual can be found in the navigator, and people as Google and Bing are extending their capacities search in their services. Starting off of a simple search of images in inverse sense, the visual search has expanded to provide more information and context beyond only finding the images that you want to see. With that in mind, they are some of the best web search engines here visual than you can use right now in your navigator.


The 4 better Visual Finders than you can use 4

Whereas Google and Bing are two of the recognized web search engines more visual anywhere in the world, there is a great amount of other web search engines visual that are quite able than they can do, and I want to begin with them. One of the more popular web search engines visual outside both great names search is TinEye.

The 4 better Visual Finders than you can use 5

TinEye is a simple and direct visual tool search that it looks for through thousands of million images to find the best coincidences. In order to begin the visual search, everything what you must do is to raise an image of your archives or to introduce the URL of the image. TinEye will analyze then its image during some seconds and will look through its enormous file of images to obtain coincident results. In the end, I could receive coincidences of images, along with his sources that allow to know me where the image was originated.

Although TinEye can be very simple in its form and function, its enormous file of images, and the precision of the search turns it into a very trustworthy visual web search engine that is worth the pain to try.


The 4 better Visual Finders than you can use 6

If you want a visual finder more traditional than it offers a massive file of images, Picsearch would have to be one of your main options. In order to begin, everything what you must do is to introduce a keyword to find the images that you want to find. Similarly to Google Images, you obtain results search related to your keyword. A thing that causes that Picsearch is different is to have the function search Outpost.

The function search Outpost allows to reduce the results him of the search by means of the color, the type of image, the size and the direction. This causes that the search of images is much more advisable, since very specific results are obtained that you have perhaps had to deepen to find them. Generally, Picsearch is a small and trustworthy effective visual web search engine that is easy to use and.

The 4 better Visual Finders than you can use 7

Yahoo Image Search

The 4 better Visual Finders than you can use 8

The web search engine of Yahoo is one of oldest along with Google, and as Google, it has a solid visual service search. A thing that I like of Yahoo Image Search is that it has options to reduce his images in different categories, as Google Images and Picsearch. From elements as the color to the use license, you make sure that not only you will obtain the best results of the images, but also of which they are safe to use them in your content.

Yahoo Search has been one of the used web search engines more during long time, and its Search of Images is a test that they have a solid visual web search engine that the users can use.

The 4 better Visual Finders than you can use 9

Google Images

The 4 better Visual Finders than you can use 10

Perhaps the visual web search engine that it provides the best results search, Google Images provides as much amount as quality when it is results search. Although the recent update can have brought some significant changes, Google Images continues being the best visual web search engine of Internet. In addition to introducing a keyword, also you can raise an image search related images.

The reduction of the results of images also is far better in Google Images, since, thanks to options as the type of image, the rights of use and the time of publication, it is guaranteed that it can find the images that need. In addition to obtaining results of images, the users can also receive additional information along with the results of images, since some of the images are tie to several blogs and sites of the news. Google Images not only provides quality images, but also it presents information to you of quality through content. If you need a visual web search engine, Google Images would have to be your better option.

In summary

The web search engines visual are becoming more popular, especially with the form in which mobility has been generating innovations that do it still more interactive. With these web search engines visual of quality in his navigator, it could extend his search and find the best results.

If it has questions and consultations on the visual search and the SEO generally, leaves a commentary next and we speak.

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