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Google Maps has become the application on watch of more popular location in the last years, with million movable devices that own the effective application highly. The reason of its enormous success is in which it approaches one of the majors needs that the people have, who are navigation. You need search the nearest restaurant within your zone? It asks Google Maps. You look for important datum points in the country that you are visiting? A look throws to Google Maps.

This simple but very effective application has helped to that the applications of navigation become something habitual and has taken to numerous companies to send its own services of location. These applications not only have facilitated navigation, but they also offer other services as the by email electronic shipment of messages and weather reports, among others. Here there are some effective applications of services of location that are great alternatives to Google Maps.

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The 4 better Alternatives to Google Maps 5

When one is applications of navigation, Waze is surely one of the most popular and effective applications available, as its use by the motorists demonstrates it worldwide. Everything what you must make to begin is to ignite the GPS of the device, to introduce the destination and to leave application it guides you by the right path. Waze chooses the best route available and it will adjust automatically in case you lose a turn.

In addition to navigation proper, the users could also be to the current of the conditions of the traffic in real time by means of the use of icons. These updates come from the traffic authorities and of the companions motorists, you could know if there are some dangers and problems in the way. Simple but effective, Waze is surely an application that will help him to arrive surely at its destiny, and to even avoid some cloggings.

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Foursquare, one of the applications on watch based on the location most popular of the present time, is divided now in two applications, the main one of which it is used for navigation, and one to share social means. With that in mind, we throw a look to the main application.

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Foursquare became a popular platform to find the places of food and nocturnal life nearer its area. In order to begin, you can choose a category that shows a list of related places, or introduce the name of the place in the bar search. After introducing a keyword, you can see a list of places that could be of interest or different branches from the place that you have introduced.

Also you can use the bar search of Near me obtaining a map of the near places. Each place has its own profile where you can see information as the direction and the schedule. Also you can see the reviews of other users of Foursquare, which helps you that is to say more on the place. Finally, you can make a pursuit of the places that you have visited previously in the section of History, which provides a registry to you of the places in which there are. Foursquare has crossed a long way from which it was before and surely it has become an application of quality navigation that the users can enjoy.

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To sail with Google Maps requires to be constantly connected to Internet, which can be a great problem when it is in a zone with a bad connection to Internet. Maps.me avoids that this problem becomes an annoyance when offering the option to unload maps out of line to make sure that you do not lose yourself.

To use Maps.me is quite simple, since you would only have to introduce the destination and to establish the starting point to begin your trip. You can use the bar search to find the places to which you want to go or to press the button to discover to see some recommendations that are more near your zone. Another important characteristic of Maps.me is Gu­as, that the users can unload for being able to see the recommended places to which the inhabitants of the zone go.

Maps.me is a wonderful and simple alternative to Google Maps that provides a solid functionality, and the capacity to even sail when it is disconnected.

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Here WeGo

Another application that can be used to lead, Here WeGo is another application that uses GPS to track your location and search possible the fastest and efficient route. The interface is simpler in comparison with Waze, but its capacity to track the best routes is quite similar.

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After introducing the place, it has the option to choose the form to travel to the place, that can be in car, train, bicycle or on foot. Also you can click in the locations in the map very instantaneously to obtain the directions of your destiny. Also it has the option to change the type of map of traffic, standard and transit. This provides a view to him more detailed than help to find the places far better him.

As Maps.me, also you have the option to unload maps to use them out of line, which is useful for long trips to places connectionless to Internet. Generally, it is an application of trustworthy navigation that helps to find all the routes you possible to arrive at your destiny and to arrive in time.

In summary

Perhaps Google Maps continues being the application of more popular navigation, but these alternatives are able to provide diverse functions and some small and useful characteristics that assure that you can sail surely and find the places to which you need to go.

If you generally have questions and consultations on the applications of navigation and the SEO, it leaves a commentary next and we speak.

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