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Meta Tags has been one of the most basic elements of the SEO. It is a necessity for all the professionals of the SEO. They are puts labels a factor in the rank of the page of Google? It is important? What effect has in the SEO of its site?

The goal labels has existed from€¦ since I can remember. They have been a great part in the history of the web search engines. They were valued as a factor in the ranking before €“ until people began to abuse her use to obtain in the part superior of the SERPs. After that, Google chose by puts them labels of the classification factors. But that does not mean that no longer they are important. The goal labels still plays an important role in the SEO of their site.

What are is Meta Tags and why important? 4

The goal labels is the words that are hidden in their code. The people who sail in her site will not be able to see them. She is, as Danny Sullivan says, €œa legal€ form to hide words in his webpages for the web search engines. The web search engines still read them to have a simple and summarized idea than its site treats and which are exactly their key words.

The goal labels is within the area of the head of their HTML. These labels are what you must learn after well to be turned in labels HTML.

<head> puts Them tags are </head> here

  1. Tags are three important parts of puts them that you can use:
Title €“ the label of the title is the text of the title that is in the listings of the web search engines. I know that this is not necessarily a goal labels, but works similarly to one.
  1. <title> Title of the text here </title>
Description €“ the goal label description is where you would want to put the summary of your site. Here it is where you put what it deals with your site and what you offer to him to people. It would not have to be too long because the web search engines only read until a certain number of words.
  1. <meta name=€ description€ content=€ goes the summary of your website Here€/>
Key words €“ the label of key words goal is where you put all the key words that you use in your site. Here it is basically where you want that they are the words that will take to the part superior to you of the page of the SERPs. Their key words are important €“ even if you clear all the other words, the user must be able to know in question their site when they read his key words.

<meta name=€ keywords€ content=€ SEO, Design Web, Positioning Web, Zakatki€/>

These three things form your goal tags.

The importance of puts them labels is that the web search engines read them to compare if these key words and the description are related to the visible content. They are its present key words in its webpage? It is its goal description related to its content and the niche of its site? Tags is a certain weight in its goal that the web search engines see, being that the reason, it wouldn't want to do all the possible one so that its page is a little arrives more in the SERP? That is exactly the reason for which it puts them labels are important.

Advice: Even if it puts them labels do not have much importance concerning the ranking of the page, its importance continues being present when the robots of the web search engines validate their relativity with their content and niche of site.

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