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We have tons of great tools to our disposition to shorten URLs, including the native networks and the boards that we used on a daily basis.

In terms of tools, there are some ordered sites that handle the shortening of URLs, including complete analyses and archives of everything what you shorten. For these services (and the shortening of URL generally), its URL replaces by a new domain (for example, zakatki.com changes bit.ly) and permalink replaces by a chain of numbers and/or letters (for example, zakatki.com/categoria/seo changes to bit.ly/dm8p2I1).

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When one is to create connections name brand, Rebrandly offers a complete package that allows him to personalize its connections, in addition to being able to manage different domains and supervising the statistics of the connections. The acortador of URL of Rebrandly works similarly to other acortadores, but it offers customized more in the form of creation of URLs for one of his domains. Also you have the option to directly buy domains from the own tool, which is a great advantage when it is to create your own connections name brand. In addition, they also have an extension of Google Chrome, that allows you to create URL very instantaneously shortened that you can use for your website without having to accede to the main panel of the tool.

The best tools of shortening of URL in 2020 5


When one is tools of URL shortening, one of the most recognizable names would have to be Bit.ly. A great probability that exists a good shortened number of the URL in which has clicked has realised with this tool. The gratuitous tool allows to shorten the URL him just by to stick the connection. Thence, you can as much copy and stick very instantaneously this connection to your website as you want. To become registered member allows more options, as I connect personalizables and the possibility of realising a statistical pursuit of specific connections. To register itself in Bitly Enterprise opens still more characteristic, as the creation of campaigns and I connect more insurances. Bit.ly has been one of the best tools of shortening during long time, which demonstrates really to its quality and reliability.

The best tools of shortening of URL in 2020 6


Another tool of URL shortening that exists enough for time is TinyURL. TinyURL allows not only to shorten its URL him, but also to personalize them free. What causes that this tool is still more useful is the option of being able to add it to the bar of tools of your navigator for the users of Mozilla and as an extension of Google Chrome. For that they need to shorten his connections with haste, TinyURL is the best tool for you.

The best tools of shortening of URL in 2020 7


Before a tool that era of free use as TinyURL and Bit.ly, Ow.ly is now a tool of URL shortening that comprises of Hootsuite, that is one of the best tools of monitoring and social means sharing available. The best part to be including in Hootsuite is that the connections to publications of the social networks can be integrated, which turns out very useful to share content.

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Perhaps the simplest tool of this list es.gd is a tool of URL shortening that gives a shortened connection you of fast form, without needing codes CAPTCHA or extra verification. In addition to the acortador of standard URL, also you can create your own customized URL, which help to create a more identifiable URL when sticking it in your messages.

The best tools of shortening of URL in 2020 9


With more and more important the movable SEO as it spends the year, the best thing is to optimize and to shorten its movable connections for one better accessibility. Branch.io is a useful tool of shortening that also allows him to create deep connections, integration with other applications and pursuit of the connections. All these characteristics come with the tool of initial shortening, which turns it into a package of quality that helps to that the movable SEO is much more efficient.


As the own Ow.ly de Hootsuite. Buff.ly is a tool of URL shortening that comprises of Buffer, that is another tool of social means management that helps to share and to track your publications in different platforms. The acortador of URL works better in this publication type, since it avoids that the connection is broken and facilitates integration in a publication. If he is usuary of Buffer, then buff.ly is a function that would have to use.

In summary

Twitter also shortens automatically the connections. There are some different forms in which this can happen: Twitter often uses its own service of shortening of t.co in the connections shared in the movable devices, Twitter sometimes will include the complete URL (except the http://) part or will truncate the connection after showing the domain and leaves from permalink.

We have a good variety of quality tools to shorten URLs. With these tools, one makes sure that you will be able to create URL shortened and customized that can use in its publications of social means and e-mails.

If it has questions on the SEO tools or the SEO generally, leaves a commentary next and we speak.

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