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The tools search of Google not only are some of the tools of SEO more trustworthy than they exist, but they also are of gratuitous use, which allows the users to control the traffic, to realise investigations of key words and to manage the presence of its company in Internet without having to pay a quota to accede to the functions premium.

Although this it has been the case of the majority of the tools of Google during long time, has been a debate on one of his tools, Google My Business, that is becoming premium. Being perhaps the local tool of more important SEO available, this is the great news for which they use the platform, and that includes to our equipment. We throw a look to the plans of Google for Google My Business and I will give my opinion on the impact of which the service is premium.

To become Premium?

The proposal of Google to make of Google My Business a payment tool comes from a survey that was published. In the survey it was wondered how much you would be arranged to spend in My Business de Google if one becomes premium, along with the characteristics that they would like that they were included.

  • Along with these questions, they also showed some possible new functions that could improve the experience of use of My Business de Google. Some of them are:
  • A button €œBook€ that it allows the clients to arrange appointments.
  • Auto answers to the messages and the revisions.
  • Attendance to the client of Google
  • A verification of antecedents that appears the client as a form to construct its confidence.
  • The capacity to show to standards and licenses verified in its profile.
  • A pin of map promoted in Google Maps.
Google My Premium Business Price

To have its business shown near the part superior of the results search of Google.

These new characteristics also have been grouped in packages of separated options, with Google asking what option seemed more viable to them for its needs. These options also came with their corresponding prices, being the option most expensive the one than it cost 60 dollars. With a great amount of new functions in way, this survey helps Google to determine what functions would wish to have the proprietors of companies in a premium service.

It is worth the trouble?

One of the best things of Google My Business is that he is able to provide to the companies of several sizes a platform that them help to expand its presence online, allowing them to compete with other local busines and companies already established. To the being a gratuitous tool, this allows that any company can promote its products and services in Google, allowing that more users discover what they offer.

One of the majors challenges of My Business de Google would be to provide a substantial price that justified the number of new functions that it would include and that satisfied the proprietors with companies. This also means that the SEO would have to increase their budget for tools, since the monthly plan proposed by Google will not be cheap by the functionalities that it tries to offer. Many SMEs trust Google My Business to improve their visibility online and its presence in the local searches because it is a gratuitous tool that does not need to be equipped with a budget, reason why to pay a price by her could delay to some companies that they look for to gain more organic traffic.

Another point of preoccupation is that to pay a price also it means to be near the first positions of the classifications of the searches, which could affect to numerous companies that have increased their traffic of organic form for a long period of time. This could also mean that the organic traffic could not take you to the top of the ranking search without having to pay premium. If there is an area in which Google needs to throw another look with its set propose updates, it would have to be this one.

Although the cost of the premium service not yet has been determined, I believe that one of the benefits to make of Google My Business a payment tool is to be able to count on a safer tool, since some of the propose characteristics include verified revisions, which allows Google to verify the revisions before publishing them. The verified revisions have caused numerous disadvantages to the users of Google My Business and the fact to have the option to manage causes them that this problem is less serious than before. The fact of being able to generate income also allows Google to be able to support the service of more forms, since now they would have the budget necessary to optimize his service, which entails an improvement of the product.

In summary

From its launching in 2014, Google My Business has improved constantly to become one of the best tools to promote its business and of optimizing its local SEO. With the plan to go premium, Google not only tries to obtain income, but also to introduce new functions that cause that the investment is worth the trouble for the proprietors of companies and the SEO in Internet.

If it has questions and consultations on My Business de Google or the SEO generally, leave a commentary next and we speak.

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