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The height of the purchases in line has smoothed the way so that the companies initiate a website of electronic commerce that takes care of a market more immense than it is not limited the zone in which is its business. From clothes to accessories and furniture for the home, the utility of the purchases in line never can be underestimated, but also it can crush in line to the majority of the consumers with the multitude available in the market. Here it is where Google enters.

In one recent entrance in its blog, they announce that they are going to unfold Google Shopping in the mobile in the EE.UU. is Here what you need to know:

What is Google Shopping?

He is one of the services of Google that allow webmasters and to the salesmen to show its products within the massive list of Google Shopping that the consuming users/can use to directly look for, to compare and to buy the product wished in the website of their election.

google shopping in reason

Google Shopping was known previously as Froogle at the home of the decade of 2000, that served as web search engine of its products, and that became a product search of payment with publicity closely related to the announcements of Google at the home of the decade of 2010. Nevertheless, they decided to return recently to the gratuitous product search. Google Shopping also is optimized to be filtered by category, the prices can be compared of different stores, and the reviews of this product in particular are also in the product page of Google Shopping. Thus it is as it is seen in the mobile:

google shopping example

That is the example used by Google, but when I used my telephone to verify it, this is what it seems:

You see the difference? Since the new launching of Google Shopping is only available in the United States, I believe that it will take some time so that other countries use this function. Present my feed in Google Shopping also has a small icon of Sponsored in the right part superior and when click in him becomes, it shows this warning that informs that feed to us that I am seeing.

How to put your products in Google Shopping

  • To place its products in Google Shopping is quite easy, since it only must form feeds of products in Google Merchant Center and incorporate to apply corresponding noticeable of data structured to the pages of its products. Next we explained to you how you can do it:
  • It forms his account of Google Merchant
Google merchant to center set up page screenshot
  • It chooses the €œSurfaces through Google€ when it arrives at the page €œChooses the programs that adjust to their objectives€.
  • After forming your account, you will accede to the page of summary of the Center of commerce of Google, where it will be notified to you that you have a pending task for the surfaces of Google. Beam click in the button €œTo continue€ to continue.
  • You will accede to the page of configuration of the information of Surfaces across Google. Beam click in the part €œTo add data of the product€ to begin to fill up feed of the product. Beam click in sign €œ+€ in the part €œMain sources€ to begin.
product feed set up page screenshot 1024x504 1

From there, already you can form feed of your product. That easy.

Is good or bad Google Shopping?

This is the question: I have mentioned that the purchases in line can be overwhelming for the consuming one half, especially if is a product multitude simultaneously. Nevertheless, with Google Shopping, the proprietors of companies and webmasters are forced to choose between reducing their prices so that their products are more attractive for the users who see them, while their products in Google Shopping make sure to obtain a decent benefit when placing.

Since now a gratuitous option for Google Shopping exists, I recommend to you that you place your products in her. You do not have anything to lose, except the time that you consume when you in center place your products Commercial of Google, reason why this is good for webmasters of electronic commerce and the proprietors of companies.

In summary

Google Shopping has its good and bad sides, but what I recommend to webmasters it is that first they prove the gratuitous version and they verify if they are satisfied with the results. Or if you have the money to prove the payment version, ahead. It leaves results speak them of the utility of Google Shopping.

Nevertheless, if you want to take advantage of the version payment, you will have to only surpass the supply of other competitors so that you gain positions in feed of Google Shopping. In retrospective, this sounds well, but it sells products in a certain niche that does not look for so much, the return of the investment can be a little difficult to recover.

In my honest opinion, Google Shopping is a massive help for the users, but it affects this to the current issue of the searches with zero click? We will have to possibly find out it, since the users still need to buy the products that want in the website of the company. What you think of Google Shopping? You in particular have experience in the use of this service of Google? H¡zmelo to know in the commentaries of down!

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