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There are so many different blogs that way speaking of so many different subjects and wanting to position itself in the three great web search engines. The traffic of the best web search engines is one of anywhere the Web/blog. The design is one of the places to begin with the optimization of its SEO in the site. Perhaps at this moment, you do not know it, but your design has a great impact in the effectiveness of the SEO of your website.

1. The first impression is important

It does not concern the good thing that it is his content in the site, his design always will be first that the user sees. When its website is wrinkled and cheap, it does not matter how hard is the work and the equipment of his article, his credibility loses enormously, which could increase its rate by ricochet of visitors instead of to obtain visits from quality to its website.

Nowadays, there are many services of design Web around the apple that can give a good design to a very low price or, if it is using systems predone as WordPress, are many beautiful subjects that it can use in Internet which they can increase to the beauty and the credibility of his website, which can attract more readers.

2. It looks for and you will find

You do not trust much Google to find your articles. Its website in itself must be self-sufficient to cause that their readers look more in their pages. A function search in its website not only help to its users to find things that are more excellent for their interests, but also help to you to obtain more traffic to him for its site. It remembers that the experience of the users is very important to have a good relation with its readers.

Another good characteristic of a search in the website is that it can find what key words are effective and are being looked for in their website. This can give ideas him exceeds what articles can write and/or things that can improve. I believe that this is called discovery of key words and behavior of the user as SEOmoz indicates it.

3. Social networks

The social networks are something that always has been ignored in the majority of the websites of type blog. Not only him help to gain readers eager, but also help to the own readers to update themselves when they find that its website is informative. It marks this function, the small effort that does can help much.

21% of the websites in the top use the social networks actively. Why going to do it weren't you?

4. Breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs

It can sound a little insignificant, but the bread crumbs have a good paper in causing that its website as much has a better rank of experience for its readers as for the algorithm search of Google. Not only help to your readers that is to say where they are in your vast space of Internet, but also help to any web search engine to classify your pages in the correct category.

5. Correct navigation

A good principle in the creation of navigation is to try to give to its readers the smaller possible clicks towards its wished destiny. The experience of the user is always important when your objective is not only to obtain more readers, but also to cause that they find the entrances of your blog not only of his interest, but also of its comfort.

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Also for that they look for to optimize his website in terms of visibility in the searches, he is very preferable that organizes its priorities and that cause that its navigation has a flat architecture that those with long subcategories. Another point in fact is that, it tries to diminish the use of Javascript and/or I connect flash since the web search engines do not find better the tracking of those sets of codes.

6. Quality calls quality

It does not matter how substantial is his article, a good image always will drive the visual design of his article creating a more attractive aspect for the readers. A good image will refract a good article, a bad image, on the other hand, will deceive your readers of which your writing also is it.

  • A bad image also connotes the idea of:
    • Good but it is an irrelevant image for his article:
  • This gives to your readers the impression that you are using autogenerated images of the Web or simply him DAS effort to your blog therefore you do not have visible errors in your front-end much.
    • Images of bad quality

Obvious an image of bad quality is no-no for your blog because aside from the fact that the image it is being very disagreeable a visual article for the readers, also it insinuates your readers who you do not have much taste by brings back to consciousness of quality.

7. Maintain it in the field

The standard size of a screen average is of 768 pixels of height (the width is not important since it depends on his design), with this in mind, those first 768 pixels that their visitors see, makes sure that the substance who are visible in that area is the best one than can offer to its readers since this can determine if they will read the article or no. Appointment a question, an anecdote, or any thing that can catch its interest and/or fantasy.

8. To connect it everything

If sights the sites of greater ranking, normally provide connections between an article and other, in key words that you can find interesting. In some cases, they connect with other works either to help to understand you the more the subject, or to provide to you material the more interesting that those that you are reading at the moment. In addition to the idea that this will educate or entertain more to its readers, also help to that their readers remain more time in their website in which they can much more explore his website easily according to his flow of interest.

9. Connection slightly

It does not overload his page with connections. Yes, the connections make the good and the wonders for your blog, but to have too much of something always has been bad. If you dilute your webpage with too many connections without an suitable rank of page, you can have problems with the web search engine causing that your ranks are a little more confused than you hoped.

If it has connections that have more importance, it is better than it places them in the section of the body, since headed and the footer has minor priority in terms of value for the web search engine.

A good general rule is to place a maximum of 100 I connect by page.

10. You do not maintain announcements

A recent study is shortage that seems to have a negative correlation between the announcements (in particular those of Google) and the classifications of the searches. One has not tried on to the 100% how, but it could have a damage when the announcements are prioritized instead of first that appear the readers, who are the content. Yes, the announcements are a great way to win passively with your blog, but as soon as you concentrate yourself much more in him with your presentation, there will be a problem that will be visible not only for the web search engine but also for your reader.

11. The Social Interaction arrives very far

If you have an account in one of these websites: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster (before), Google+, Multiply and/or YouTube €“ definitively you have an idea of how the social interaction interests much people.

The communication is not a unidirectional transference of information, requires of feedback. In which there is a necessity of a reciprocal action of the receptive end to respond with another idea. In the world of Internet, €œCommentary€ is called. To comment is the form of communication of the blog with its readers. A blog that can communicate with its readers is a blog that grows; it grows not only in favor of the reader but also of the web search engine.

12. To share is to take care of

You have seen sometimes like€ or €œ+1 the word €œretweet€ €œ€³€ in the entrances of the blog? Sometimes you have used them? To share in means in line now produces 10% of the traffic of Internet. Facebook by itself shares 4 billions of pieces of digital content every day, the digital content includes: videos, photos, notes, publications, I connect, etc. Imagines how much people can see it if you put a function to share next to your article that allows your readers to have access to 1 click to publish it in its Facebook or to twitter €“ your market expands exponentially!

13. The speed is important

It does not concern the beautiful thing that is your blog, with all the elegant illusions in 3D and the great bottom of hi-res, if he is not optimized for a fast load, probably you will lose readers. Why? As what it serves to your design Web if he is not visible for all? It remembers whenever Internet is beyond its borders, he is international! Their readers come from all parts; and all parts mean that not always they have the same fast connection that you. For some it can take as fast as a blinking so that the page loading completely, For some, it can take up to 7 seconds, and still for some, it can take more time. According to Geoff Kenyon de SEOmoz, speed average of load would have to be of about 2.9 €“ this is to consider that you want to form part of 50% of websites in Internet, but devils, if you can optimize it so that she is faster, ahead!

14. To connect, to correct and to direct

When you believe that already you have finished your site while you key the last code, think it twice. You do not matter how competent are and their developers, always will be a problem that will arise sooner or later. Since we are speaking of SEO, most difficult of this kind of problems it is that he is invisible. Incorrect problems as I connect broken, redireccionamientos, lost pages, etc. are not very visible in the front part.

As far as the design questions, also you must prove your work in different types from navigators and different sizes. The most famous site for this service is Browser Shots that free offers it until certain point.

15. A platform chooses

Your Blog optimized for web search engines 5

Since we are discussing on the blogs, if you have still not decided how to make your website, either are systems or preparations provided from Internet. Most trustworthy, common and recommended they are CMS as wordpress. In Zakatki we are specialistic in design Web wordpress and can help you in which you need to mount your project Web.

These systems provide versatile but comfortable options to him to help to that their process of creation is easier. It is safe, easy to use and personalizable, reason why if it has knowledge, it can play with him according to his desires or needs.

Your Blog optimized for web search engines 6

Next we left computer graphics you of how you must realise the design of your blog so that it is optimized SEO. You do not lose it to you! (Click to extend)

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