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The construction of connections is an essential part of the SEO. Whatever more connections, better. Therefore, each connection comes with an anchorage text. The confusion right now is, Does Google continue giving as much importance the text of anchorage as before?

How Google obtains the relevance of a connection

Before at this moment concluding the importance of the anchorage text, we see how Google obtains the relevance of an individual connection. Basically, there are three main forms:

Text anchor (Anchor Text)

The anchorage text is what we want to approach today. This it is the text underlining in blue that can be beaten and that will take you to another webpage at which it is aiming. There has been many controversies and interchange of ideas about anchorage €“ some swear by their effectiveness, whereas others proclaim their death.

Recently, Google has announced that will gradually reduce its dependency of the anchorage text until it has a minimum effect. Many sources have given computer graphics on the future of the SEO factors €“ and this sample clearly that the anchorage text is in fast declivity.

Title of the anchor

The title of the anchor is the text of the tool that appears whenever the mouse goes through a connection. The importance and the weight of the anchorage title are not really as great as the anchorage text, but he is one of the factors more visible than they describe to the connection and to which aims.

Personally I believe that Google also obtains the relevance of a connection from an anchorage title, although not too much.

Context around the connection

  1. The context that also surrounds to the bond is used to derive the bond and what it is aiming. Basically, we observed two main factors that understand the context:
  2. Title of the page €“ the title of the page is what you see in the left part superior of your navigator. It gives an immediate idea you than the webpage treats. This affects to the connection of the page as a whole. A connection that comes from a page with a label of very excellent title has a great impact in the quality of the connection.

Body of the content €“ the body of the content is the set of the article written in the webpage €“ where the connection is placed almost always. The part superior of the content is possibly the best location of the connection and would have to describe easily what it deals with the connection. This also is used by Google to derive the connection and at where it aims.

The present importance of the Anchor Text

Right now, looking at an experiment published in SEOmoz, the facts are exposed directly. Google not yet has arrived at his acclaimed €œindependence of the anchorage text€. At this moment, the system works in the same way that always, to vary the anchorage text continues being the best thing, as long as there is relevance in the words.

For example:

If you have a website that sells gift checks, the creation of connections with the anchorage text €œgift checks€, €œcertificates of gift€, €œarticles of gift€ will make raise more stop you in the long term classification that itself you centered all texts of anchorage in €œgift checks€. But not to have the key words €œgift€ or €œchecks€ or €œchecks of gift€ within the anchorage text would take that outside something useless.

If you visit the experiment of moz, she will see that the website with backlinks that has the anchorage text €œClicks here€, €œSee here€, €œThis entrance€, is nowhere in the long term.

And now what?

Good, the results of the experiment put it directly: it constructs backlinks excellent, but varying the anchorage text €“ and you will get to classify well in the long term.

Advice: €œYou do not follow your heart€, does not exist such thing in the SEO. The experiments and the test and error are the way to follow.

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