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You rise in the morning, you review your analytical of Google and notes that the traffic has lowered drastically. Next, you verify in Google and you introduce your key words to verify your classifications and it give account you of which no longer you are on the front page. Does Google finish to me penalizing?

And if you ask yourself, yes, these things really happen. Things as this happens all along in the SEO!

Then, what you must do when this happens to you?

It verifies if a fall of the traffic or a fall is in the classification.

What is a reduction in the ranking? Good, a fall in the ranking (if sometimes you are using a software of verification of ranks) is to lower in your ranking of key words of Google. For example, one assumes that you are in the page 1 and the second or third place of the ranking and then, suddenly, you fall to page 2.

If you are not verifying your ranking (what it means that only you are following your analyses of Google) and notes a fall in the traffic search of Google, that is a traffic fall. And it can be due to several reasons. For example, people could not be looking for her set of key words because it is the time of Christmas and everybody is happy and so it has €“ hey, that happens!

For that reason it is so important to follow your classifications, especially those of the front page of the SERP. So that you know to the reason of the fall or the increase of the traffic.

If you have identified that you lost traffic due to a particular set of key words

Then it is when you try to see if in truth you were penalized by Google. Because or Google really penalized to you or some of your connections no longer have as much power or juice of Google, or those connections simply have disappeared or were eliminated.

Sometimes it is with the connections and not with the practices that we do as SEO. Because if you know that you are making the things good, that is to say, that you are not making anything to bother to Google, then you were probably not penalized to begin. Probably it is by the connections.

How you can verify if there is some change in your connections? Good, you must go to the sites of which you obtain the backward movement bonds and to verify if they follow there or if they have moved or changed your bond or what it is. There is a pile of tools in the network to see from where all come backlinks. As the tool of moz.

When you are sure that Google has pillaged to you€¦

Perhaps you know that you did something bad €“ perhaps you hid some texts, or sent Spam to some sites, and finish with the conclusion that Google €œremoved you€ from its index, then the question which now you face is €œHow I return to enter€

Good, you must verify the factors of your infraction against Google.

1. To identify the gravity of your infraction

How of serious it has been your infraction? Bonds of massive purchase? To cover content for adults? There are different weights for different infractions. All do not have the same punishment.

2. It is your first infraction or it is a repetition?

Perhaps you did not say it in serious or you did not know that what you did offensive era for Google. Perhaps you did not want to manipulate its algorithm search. Perhaps €“ if it is your first time. It tries to do it again, and by all means you lose the benefit of the doubt. And you want that benefit when you face the equipment of Spam of Google.

3. You are a great fish or a dispensable site?

You are a great brand in the Web? You are giving valuable information to people? You are a name known in Internet? Probably Google will be softer for the great established brands that exist. But you are small and dispensable, you do not count in this way.

  • What to make to return to enter?

To present an re-inclusion request

By all means, to return to enter, you must present an re-inclusion request. Yes, you must swallow your pride to you and request of knees following how much you evaluate your name of domain.

Loosen it everything

Google probably knows each and every one of the details your infraction. If you do not tell them nothing with respect to your crime perhaps (and you say that you feel it by each and that never you will return it to do) will do to you more difficult to return to enter if they do not reject to you absolutely. The equipment of Spam of Google wants a complete report than you did.

If that does not work

It raises the white flag and it happens to another domain. It is probable that Google no longer includes to you again. Everything what we can do is to hope that Google is amiable and it includes to us again. Unfortunately, Google can also have bad mood. Sometimes you must decide that it is hour to follow ahead and to leave the hopes of which your site is indexed again.

Advice: All this is the punishment for being pillaged practicing SEO Black Hat. This will leave your brand by grounds.

It is why only we give to our clients pure SEO White Hat and good marketing them done. I take care of his brands because the annoyance to beg to him to Google that accepts to me again to not attracts me.

You can see the video of SEOmoz on the penalty of Google here!

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