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Google has updated its function of valuations in Google My Business once again. This time, the update avoids that the old employees publish negative critics on the companies that contracted them. The reason for this change is that the new directives consider that this type of reviews is a conflict of interests.

This differs from the previous directives that Google had imposed, that they establish that the only time that takes place a conflict of interests is when the valuations leave them the present employees of the company. Next, is the policy of present valuation that leaves Google in relation to the conflicts of interests:

€œConflict of interests: The critics are more valuable when they are honest and impartial. If you are owner or you work in a place, please nonvalues your own business or employer. You do not offer nor you accept money, products or services to write critics a business or to write negative critics on a competitor. If he is proprietor of a business, it does not install stations of valuation or kiosks in his place of work to only request opinions written in his place of work€.

Meanwhile, the policy of Google Maps also reflected the changes through its policies updated under restricted content:

  • €œThe content contributed by the users of Maps is more valuable when he is honest and impartial. The following practices are not allowed:
  • To value its own business.
  • To publish negative content on a present or previous labor experience.

To publish negative content on a competitor to manipulate its qualifications.

The employers can now ask for that these valuations are also eliminated, which avoids that their scores of opinion are affected by this type of negative and problematic valuations. Update does with intention of that valuations are more precise, since there have been numerous cases of companies that have been attacked by multiple negative valuations, which definitively can break the one reputation online. In this way, the most precise critics would be fomented and impartial than they would appear in My Business de Google.

Valuations of third parties

Another change that has seen in Google My Business is that in addition to the reviews of the users of Google, the site also has integrated sites of third parties as Booking.com, Expedia and Agoda. This help to the users to find more information of the clients in Internet, which would help to influence in its decision. For the businesses as restaurants and hotels, this comes as an addition welcome, since it is from where the majority of the critics of Internet comes.

In summary

The reviews of companies and businesses are an essential indicator of their quality and reputation, and help to attract more people interested in their products and services. These updates of Google guarantee that the companies can obtain the most trustworthy and impartial critics of their customer, who draws a picture more precise than really they are.

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