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You have a connection and another one here there. Internet is full of connections. Whenever beams click in the connection, most probable are than it means that you are traveling from a webpage to another one. In SEO, to understand the salient connection is a step forward for its optimization in the site. Also I will talk about to the hidden key words in its connections next. This it is a tutorial for salient connections.

Leaving its way

The exit connections are connections that are destined to take you to another place. They are connections that are going to direct to you altogether to another specific webpage or a website. The majority of the websites, if not all, has salient connections.

Two faces of the currency

There are two (2) types of exit connections. It is the connection nofollow and the connection dofollow.

The connection dofollow is the normal connection. It is the connection by defect. The common connection. The normal connection. You do not have to add nothing to the code, you do not have to change nothing. You only do a connection and automatically it will be a pursuit connection. A connection dofollow is as it would have to be each connection. It transmits the juice of Google PageRank of your webpage to the objective webpage.

A connection nofollow is the abnormal connection. It does not transmit any juice of Google PageRank to the objective webpage, but it blocks the flow of Google PageRank. A connection nofollow has a label rel=€ nofollow€ within the code. This label says to him to the spider of Google that does not follow the connection.

Why to add a label of nofollow to a connection?

When adding a label nofollow, the spider search stops tracking that webpage. The majority of webmasters does it when they do not want to give juice to Google PageRank in the selected webpage.

For example, I need a connection to Twitter to announce my page of Twitter. Since Twitter already has million incoming connections and my connection towards Twitter would make a minimum difference, I with something for me decide not to give no juice him of PageRank to be able to have left. So I add the label of nofollow connection that causes that it is seen thus:

<a href= " https://twitter.com/a46grados€ rel= " nofollow " > Follows to us in Twitter</a>

  • That is the only reason for which I put labels of nofollow. Otherwise, if I want to mention a specific source of excellent information, I give the connections of dofollow because:
  • He is correct to do it
  • It causes that Google recognizes to you as a center of that specific resource, which causes that in the long run you classify more stop.

Webmaster of the destiny webpage could recognize it and to perhaps connect with you.

You do not use the label nofollow for each salient connection because the labels nofollow don't mention it continue deducing something of juice of Google PageRank of your webpage although not him your objective webpage. It is a loss situation. It plays fair. It distributes dofollows if the objective webpage deserves it.

To where you go?

An anchorage text is used to describe a connection. In fact, it is almost the only description of his connection that the users will see. These are the texts underlinings emphasized in blue (in the majority of the cases) that they are possible to be punctured. The anchorage texts are used to describe a connection, which means that they also are used as key words of the webpage to which goes.

A good text of anchorage of another webpage is important to support its key words. A connection with the text of suitable anchorage could to a great extent increase the knowledge that has the web search engine of the key words of its webpage. If sometimes it has the opportunity to obtain a connection of another blogger, it considers that the anchorage text that it or it will provide to him can help to that its page or website classifies more stop with the key words of its objective if allows him to use it as anchorage text.

Hidden key words

The attribute of Title of Anchor of a connection is one of the attributes neglected. It is an attribute that can contain your keyword inside but, which is more important, it is an attribute that helps to people that is to say more on the destiny webpage which you are indicating. Much people do not give warning to the attribute of the title since she is not practiced by many. But she is exactly why you would have to maintain the up-to-date attributes of the title, because it is an advantage that you can use.

The code for the attribute title is title=€ to insert title here€

For example:

<a href= " https://zakatki.com title= " basic SEO " > Aprende SEO f¡cilmente</a>

Advice: they consider its connections of exit. It adds to the attribute nofollow when it is necessary. Otherwise, give a little love to the connections. Tomato the time to write a good text of anchorage and a title of anchorage for the benefit of the others. You will never know who can give back the favor.

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