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I create firmly that an exhaustive audit of the commercialization in Internet would benefit to all the websites dedicated to the commercialization in Internet. In particular, he would be still better to realise an audit of connections periodically.

The web search engines modify their algorithms from time to time. To stay to the day with its directives and requirements is crucial for the success. The risks are simply too great to elude the audits of the connections.

Why an audit of connections is so important SEO

The meticulous analysis of the connections provides several important types of information. Part of this information reveals existing or potential problems that must quickly be boarded. The data shortages by the analysis of the connections can improve the strategies of commercialization and creation of connections in Internet.

  • An audit of the SEO connections will reveal which (if there is some) of the connections of the site raise some type of risk. Also it will put in the open the connections of low quality (weak) and will identify which are those that probably offer the greater value. This information is vital for several reasons:
  • It allows to control the damages: A website with unsuitable nonnatural connections or otherwise is vulnerable to the penalties imposed by the web search engines. In extreme cases, the site could even be desindexado. If suitable measures of pursuit are adopted quickly, an audit of the connections can reduce the probability that the web search engines impose penalties.
  • From this form important knowledge will be obtained on the websites that connect with his. This will be useful for the strategic planning.

It will understand what parts of their website attract the majority of the incoming connections €“ and what parts need to be improved. It will be able to design campaigns of marketing in Internet and construction of more successful connections.

An audit of SEO connections also will discover existing €œthe technical€ problems, some of which could affect seriously to their efforts of SEO. The details of these technical questions (and how to correct them) are outside the reach of this article, but to approach them with speed can significantly improve the results search organic of a website.

Two of the more common technical questions that a company of commercialization by Internet of reputation can identify accurately by means of an audit of connections of carried out SEO include: e

Audit of enlances: it guides complete 4

Error 404 (page nonfound)

In some cases, the incoming connections (or even the internal liaisons) lead to pages that never will be solved. This gives as result the feared message of €œpage nonfound€. It is not impossible that a popular website has thousands of excellent incoming connections to one or more pages than are not solved. In addition to wasting a valuable one to be able of connection, this situation can frustrate the visitors of the site.

Audit of enlances: it guides complete 5

Canonical error

In the same way, an incoming connection can lead to the canonical or noncanonical version of a webpage. When the connections are divided between the two versions, a canonical problem is had: the power of the incoming connection also will be divided. One recent canonical question discovered by an audit of connections SEO implied three versions of the same page. More than 4,000 I connect entrants were divided between the three versions. In my opinion, this is a terrible waste of being able of connection.

How to realise an audit of connections SEO

The best moment to realise the analysis of the connections is NOW! To identify the potential problems and to correct them quickly are always better than to fix them after they cause major problems. For that reason I suggest to be proactive and to realise audits of connections periodically SEO. Also I suggest one as part of its planning for any new service of marketing in Internet.

  • According to my experience, the suitable form to realise an audit of connections SEO is influenced by the main intention of the information that will reveal:
  • Simply it wants a general vision of the state of the connections of the webpage? In other words, it looks for information that can be used in the planning of future campaigns of commercialization by Internet and/or construction of connections?
  • It is trying to identify the strongest and weak parts of his website?
  • It wishes to see how compares his site with the competition in his niche (analysis of the competition)?
  • Has the traffic of its website fallen precipitately? It has been penalized by the web search engines, either to be classified the more down in the SERPs or for being desindexado?

It is trying to identify problematic the incoming or internal connections for a general cleaning and to prevent futures problems with SEO?

For example, we would evaluate the bonds of backward movement of a site when we realised an audit of bonds SEO with the purpose of to identify why the traffic of the site has slid suddenly. We would use the same strategy to discover why a site has been penalized by Google or another web search engine.

Tools to verify backlinks

I have obtained excellent results of audit of connections SEO having used the Tools for webmasters of Google. Many experts in SEO use it to analyze the incoming connections of a site.

The warnings of €œnonnatural connections€ of the Tools for webmasters of Google help when it is tried to avoid the penalties of the web search engines by unsuitable connections. And if a site already has been penalized, I use the Tools for webmasters of Google to examine the incoming connections that the site acquired shortly before the penalty. In the same way, the Tools for webmasters of Google can be used to try to identify the cause or causes of a sudden fall of the traffic of their website. That is especially useful right after an important update of the algorithm.

  • Other options good considered available to verify the incoming connections of a site are Link Research Tools, Moz, Majestic SEO and Ahrefs. Each of these tools (including the Tools for webmasters) will create a list of backward movement bonds and will provide some metric equipment. As minimum, the information that I look for includes the following thing:
  • The URL specific that connects with their site
  • (S) the page (s) of its website to (s) that each of these URLs connects
  • The text of anchorage used by each incoming connection

If each incoming connection is followed or not followed

Danger signals

The excellent incoming connections of other sites in their industry can improve the classification of their website in the web search engines and create more traffic. Nevertheless, other types of incoming connections can make the opposite exactly. These incoming connections can affect negatively to their campaigns of SEO and marketing in Internet, without mentioning the general state of their site in the web search engines.

  • There are several danger signals to which there are to be kind while the list of bonds of backward movement created by one of the tools is examined that I mentioned previously. Four of most dangerous according to I am:
  • Connections of websites that activate a warning of malware or virus when you introduce its URLs in your navigator
  • Connections of websites with connections nonrelated (€œsites Spam€)
  • Connections of websites with €œquestionable€ content (the web search engines gather the frown to the connections of sites with subjects as the pornography, the terrorism tactics, the bets in line and similars)
  • Connections of websites that have not been indexed by the web search engines
  • The bonds of backward movement of anyone of these sites can be toxic. One completes audit of connections SEO can find them and allow him to persecute its elimination

Unless the problem is immediately obvious, it manually examines each one of the connections of his list of backward movement connections. It automatically does not look for the elimination of all the connections of low quality €“ some of them can be very excellent for their site and come from websites in rise. In the future, they can become an important source of traffic.

On the other hand, it would ask for the elimination of the connections of anyone of the four types of €œdanger signal€ of the mentioned sites previously. It would do it as rapidly as possible, before its site falls and it is burned because of them.


I hope that this Gu­a de Marketing in Internet helps him to understand the importance of an audit of connections SEO and how he can take measures to improve the profile of connections of his website. Also he can reveal the existing problems of SEO, some of which could be quite serious. Once it takes the measures adapted with respect to the information revealed by an audit from connections of exhaustive SEO, their campaigns of SEO and marketing in Internet would have to be more successful.

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