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Every day million contents in the Web are published, from publications in blogs, videos, podcasts, images to interactive contents.

To stand out in the game of the contents (in any industry) obvious will become more difficult to obtain consistently. Whereas clause that could have thousands of new contents published in its space every day (which they will possibly grow still more in the next years).

Although it does not mean absolutely that to compete with brands that already have arrived through this channel it is not a viable option for which they finish home.

The publicity agencies can be more creative than we, and the greatest brands can have a budget greater than we.

But in this it was of the technology of the information €“ anyone can have the power to influence, and anyone can become an amplifier.

You only must know how how to arrive at great ideas and how you can execute them.

  • A content that can affect and defy the actions, the behavior, the opinion and the perceptions of its readers is the type of habitual content who really can help the brands to be successful in digital marketing, as for example:
  • Complete guides or tutorials who are really useful and actionable (ex: Gu­a de Distilled to create focused content).
  • Educative and entertained (ex at the same time: Everything is to Remix).

Content encyclopedic, perennial and/or based on data that are aligned with the enterprise objectives and fit with their brand (ex: Builtvisible's Messages in the deep)

The ideaci³n of contents is a crucial process in the marketing of contents, because it is where the genius begins. So in this article, I will share some of the techniques and resources that use to generate effective ideas of content.

It learns of your competitors

Competitive intelligence is perhaps the most basic approach for the ideaci³n of contents.

There are several tools based on the Web that can use to identify the types of content which really they work in his space based on the campaigns of content of his competitors, as for example:

It learns to create better Content SEO 4

Ahrefs (Tool Top Pages)

Ahrefs is a tool of investigation of connections based on the Web that can use to track the more tie pages or enlazables assets and socially shared of a site (preferably of its competitors).

When deepening in these data sets, it can understand easily what type of content is promoting their competitors. As well as those that really attract mentions/I connect natural €“ in that information can be obtained on the content ideas which they are due to persecute.

Once it has identified the content assets that have worked for their competitors in the past, it can begin to create a better version of those contents than it can be more complete and it can offer better UX.

To elaborate and to set out the ideas/concepts of other people

The creation requires influence. And it is why the consistency in the marketing of contents requires a constant reading.

To be inspired by other publishers is what usually it feeds the imagination on some of the more creative creators of content of the Web.

In this it was of the social means, is very important to have a list of influential of the industry that you can follow religiously. Particularly its works, since this will allow you consistently to obtain new perspective and points of view on your industry.

It writes down the ideas that are sharing. It understands and it looks for the breaches in which it thinks that its brand can complement and add more value.

  • It is important to make sure that it can add to his own contributions/personal opinions on the subject, as:
  • To provide more points of action based on its own experience.
  • To give more real samples.

Offering more tests to support the idea through its own data.

Or that you support or you are against to the ideas that you receive from other publishers.

And sometimes, the best ideas come to combine the ideas of other people (I warmly recommend to see the series of Everything is remix).

The lists are approach of effectiveness proven in the marketing of contents, because it facilitates the consumption of contents Web to much people, since the readers find all the necessary information that normally they would look for in a single place.

As far as the creators of contents, the key to be really successful in the conservation of contents is the capacity to chain several ideas and to cause that they seem complementary to each other.

For example, this list of strategies of Building Link secured to many social interactions and connections to the post. Although the entrance of the blog is only one collection of ideas of different publishers (and it was published in a domain just sent) €“ even so it worked.

This even demonstrates that anyone has the capacity to compete, in this so rich industry in content.

Learning of other sectors

To verify what type of contents prospers in other sectors is not nothing bad.

As probably you can obtain more contained/campaign of other communities of specific industries that could still not be implemented in your space.

It learns to create better Content SEO 5

For example, MozCast is a site of interactive content widely used that many salesmen in line use (and certainly assets that Moz, as brand, can get to be useful).

Assets deal with that can also to apply another industries, if they think about the types of information whom they frequently change in his industry (that people can also look for with regularity), as the tie data of the World Bank.

There are so many places in the Web that can help you to execute this type of process of ideaci³n on greater scale.

As the Web of Mix.com (antiguamiente StumbleUpon) something as well as a Pinterest of the information.

It learns to create better Content SEO 6

Or understanding how other industries make use of the data to create a content better, difficult to talk back and simply worthy to be connected in DataIsBeautiful de Reddit:

To learn than people really needs

The essence and the main objective of the commercialization of contents are to really understand to its objective public at a deeper level and than the brand it has the capacity to communicate consistently with its public.

The development of the people and the capacity to classify different segments/archetypes from public in the initial process of any campaign of content is very crucial, because this process allows that the possible efforts of the campaign are more specific and efficient.

  • It makes a list of the people of each of his segments of hearing.
  • Amplifiers €“ these could be leaders of thought of the industry, bloggers or authors of books that have great pursuit in social means.
  • Publishers €“ websites of high traffic that concentrate in the content publication on their industry.
  • Professionals €“ as much its direct commercial competitors as indirect.

Clients €“ individual and businesses that use and are interested in their product/service.

You can use tools as FollowerWonk and BuzzSumo to find to these people in your space.

He follows histories and the types of content that read and/or share more in the social Web.

It learns to create better Content SEO 7

He learns to create the content that these people really read and share.

The forums and other active communities in line (as Quora, Facebook or Linkedin Groups) are also places wonderful to begin to have a clearer idea of the types of information that people usually look for in her space.

Conceptualizar the content based on the public of other publications of success

  • It creates and it designs the content as if you were writing for the public to whom popular publications of your space go to other sites/. It analyzes main publications of your industry and evaluates the approach of the content of each site. For example:
  • Moz €“ one concentrates in advanced and technical tutorials on any thing in the scope of incoming marketing and has a strong community and it activates.
  • Land Search Engine €“ one concentrates in the technical news that the SEO worry about the subject.

Quicksprout €“ one concentrates in providing complete tutorial guides/directed to professionals nontechnicians, nascent and propietary of businesses.

This approach of development of contents not only will help him to rob its hearing to them, but also to secure its attention (the one of influencers). This can add more value to its efforts of creation of relations.

The process to analyze and to understand the approach of the content of these websites authorized can also help to construct its own subject him for the campaigns of content of its brand.

And to have a subject that can be followed strictly for its efforts of development of content can help enormously to cause that a brand stands out in a period of shorter time. Especially when the subject in that you have decided to center to you is related to the objectives and the brand of your company.

To construct and to prove its experience in a thematic area in particular in its industry can help to give to form to the unique voice of its brand and its point of sale.

And to extend the other subjects to that its brand also would have to be tie and to do that other people create that you are really an expert will be much more easy once has demonstrated that its brand is a definitive source for one or two thematic areas in its space.

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