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  • There are two ways to be successful in the commercialization of contents:
  • To be first in publishing a history.

Or to be the best one in counting it.

The last one is when we have a content 10x. Providing a content 10 times better than the one than it exists at the moment for a certain subject.

In addition to offering a great product/service, the content is considerably the key element that allows that many brands are successful in line (especially with a consistent execution).

There are million contents that are published daily in the Web. Our generation already is suffocating in content.

Because many not yet can provide the best solution every time/answer to the needs majors of their hearing.

  • So in this article, I will share some advice based on how I personally create content 10x- that can help:
  • To attract and to gain connections
  • To exemplify its experience in its industry
  • It classifies by key words/terms search that will have impact in their campaign

To generate leads and clients for its business

Also I will share real samples of my typical process and job stream of thought for the ideaci³n of content, validating the idea and creating a rough draft for the content.

But before nothing, is the version of Rand Fishkin here on the criteria for the content 10x:

  • Criteria for the content 10x:
  • It provides a unique and positive experience for the user through the line of vision, user interface, design, source, landlord, etc.
  • It provides trustworthy, useful, interesting and remarkable a content that is a substantive combination of high quality,
  • It is considerably different in reach and detail from other works on similar subjects
  • Load quickly and can be used in any device or navigator
  • It creates an emotional response of astonishment, surprise, joy, anticipation and/or admiration
  • It has obtained an impressive amount of amplification (through action in social networks and/or I connect)

It solves a problem or it responds to a question providing complete, precise and exceptional information or resources.

How to make a rain of ideas on the content

In the creation of contents and the development of vinculables assets (link byte), the planning is 50% of the battle.

For the marketing consultants who work externally to help other businesses to grow, there are many sources that you can use to create content subjects which they resonate well with the objective public of your clients.

  • To name some:
  • Subreddits specific of the industry in Reddit
  • Youtube
  • Slideshare
  • Quora
  • The websites of the competition

Popular forums and communities in your space

But, by all means, it will be helpful that their clients grant to access to the commercial data interns to him (more often of its equipment of sales, forms of surveys and feedback to the clients, etc.) to generate content subjects that are directed directly to their clients objective.

How to validate its ideas of content

The marketing of effective content is not only tried to invent a pile of subjects on which to write and to publish.

What is more important is to make sure that its idea flies and really helps its clients to reach the objectives of its business.

Next the aspects appear nails of the planning of contents that must implement to demolish and to possibly justify the viability of its idea of content.

1. To review the volume search of subjects/key words

It supports your idea with data. Ubersuggest or SEMRush uses to have an idea of how many people look for the subject.

Content SEO 10x and Process of Creation 4

The best thing is to generate other variations of key words at which it can point his idea of content to maximize the reach of the same (through the search).

Content SEO 10x and Process of Creation 5

Also you can use Google Suggest (its function of autocompletar) to generate more variations of key words for your content (or to generate content ideas still more):

2. It verifies if opportunities of entailment for the subject exist

Content SEO 10x and Process of Creation 6

It reviews the pages of greater ranking for the subject on which you want to construct the content. It sees if the classification pages have a considerable number of connections that aim at them.

3. Influencers that is interested in the subject

Content SEO 10x and Process of Creation 7

They exist amplifying of content that is arranged to promote the content once it publishes it (sharing or connecting with him) €“ if considers that is 10 times better than what they have shared or connected in the past?

It sees who tie and has shared the content of its competitors and makes a list of them (> Contained of reference uses Ahrefs superior).

Communicate to you with them once your content is published.

4. Evergreen content

A form to remove the maximum benefit from its active ideas/of content is to make sure that they can provide value to his objective public during long time.

Content SEO 10x and Process of Creation 8

The tendencies search can be used to determine the longevity of the subject (Google Trends uses).

Content SEO 10x and Process of Creation 9


The content of Evergreen works better in any campaign of content marketing, because it can scale efficiently the efforts of marketing of a site and maintain his visibility in line (through the natural entailment €“ as its organic traffic grows with time).

Also it is important to annually review the intemporalidad (and relevance) of his content.

It updates when it is necessary, because it can help to improve or to maintain his classifications.

5. Unique value. What lack in the content of your competitors?

It reviews the content of his competitors. You can add something on the subject that has not been written or mentioned in its content, or better €“ in another place?

  • In which you can incorporate the following thing:
  • Internal data items
  • Studies of cases
  • Data of survey
  • To publicly consolidate the data available (that will have an impact in the objective public of their client)
  • Redistribuibles formats of content as visual content, slides or pdf (for the construction of connections)
  • Its own ideas

To provide one better or more remarkable experience of user (for example: interactive elements)

6. We can position the key words in our content?

  • In this stage, probably you would begin to do the following questions to you:
  • It is GIVES of the sufficiently high site as so that this new content is classified in a short period of time?
  • Which is does the average of GIVE of the sites that are classified within the 10 first for (s) the word (s) objective key?
  • How many connections we needed to arrive at the main page of Google?
  • How we constructed the connections to this content?
  • Do the influential people really connect or share this content?

It will be this idea of content 10 times genuinely better than what at the moment she occupies the first place in Google?

If you can respond to the two last questions affirmatively, I believe that you have many possibilities of arriving at front page (and to create a greater content 10 times for your client throughout the process).

As far as the rest of the questions €“ she really depends.

In order to respond to these questions quickly, there are too many factors of classification to consider. Apparently, the pages can even continue classifying themselves with a smaller authority of general connection in comparison with other pages that already are classified (it can be classified with even GIVES low and less number of connections).

But personally, I believe that it is more important to concentrate in last the 3 questions (the connections obvious continue being very important).

Because if you even have the part of the construction of the connection solved before creating the content, definitively you will have one better opportunity to classify well.

  • How to realise the Building Link for your Content 10x?
  • It integrates content formats that can distribute easily to other sites or be useful for its content of blogs of guests (visualization of data, computer graphics, images name brand, videos, pdf, white presentations of slides, books, etc€¦).
  • It knows who are had tie to the contents of their competitors in the past, and soon approaches them.

To know the sites that will find the information that you will provide to them very useful and valuable €“ soon to arrive at them.

Finally, it fortifies his content. Assure you that your content satisfies the users, especially the traffic based on searches (they must obtain real solutions to his consultations). It provides the best possible experience (as much for the writing-desk as for the mobile).

7. Help this will content to generate Leads/Clients?

It remembers that it is constructing the content to help to fulfill the objectives of business of his client.

All ideas of content must have a clear objective, or for the traffic, the brand, the connections/relations, the culture/generation of potential clients or even the direct conduction of the clients.

Personally, I rely on this principle for the content creation:

€œTo teach it is the best way to sell€.

It is easier to gain connections, to lead the traffic and, in last instance, to sell, when you are established as an authority in the field.

And apparently, the best way to demonstrate experience (and to spread influence) in the Web is through contents of which people really learn.

Content SEO 10x and Process of Creation 10

In order to see the commercial value of the idea of content in that you are working, it looks how it is the yield of the traffic of the most important pages (I use the data of Ahrefs to evaluate them).

Where also you can see how much they spend the advertisers (CPC) in each one of the variations of key words to which you aspire so that your assets of content are classified.

This can help you to analyze, to validate and to decide if your idea will help to generate more businesses if it is classified well.

Examples of Content 10x

Repair Guides (B2C)

To create a scheme of Content 10x

The content summary simply says €œthus is as it must be the end item€.

  • For that reason, to create and to complete a scheme/summary of its content is a significant process, because it allows him to visualize the result €“ and basically it serves as one guides for you (or its creators of content) on how to do it:
  • To structure its content
  • To give to sense to the data and sources that has reunited

It places and it uses the elements nails, ideas, hooks or declarations that will cause that the content is unique.

Content SEO 10x and Process of Creation 16

This summary of Content could be a scheme/10x:

It involves to your readers and influencers objective

Another approach that perhaps wishes to consider is to obtain the contributions of its readers (while still it is in the planning stage).

Content SEO 10x and Process of Creation 17

A great sample of this is the case of study of SEO of Nick Eubanks, where it sent an e-mail to the subscribers of his bulletin to ask to them what is what they want to see when a new article is published.

The fact that their readers participate in the process of development of the content, not only he made more robust the content in himself, but also he facilitated to Nick the extension of his promotion once realised (since people already are waiting for it).

  • In summary
  • Rain of ideas on subjects in which the content can be constructed.
  • It consults the volume search of subjects/key words.
  • It verifies if opportunities of connections for the subject exist.
  • You do a list of influential people who are interested in the subject.
  • It verifies the tendency search of the subject (he is always green).
  • It determines what lack in the present pages of ranking for your idea of content.
  • It evaluates and it analyzes if you can classify the phrases of key words to which you go.
  • It studies the yield of the traffic of his competitors to validate if the content idea can help to reach the objectives of the business.
  • Detailed summary of the content creates a rough draft/so that you follow it.
  • Obt©n the contributions of your readers (and it aims at the influential people) before creating the content. Send his rough draft to them.


It constructs the content in agreement with the plan.

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