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Google more and more is falsified and the SEO is changing faster than ever, reason why he is crucial that the experts in SEO stay informed on the more important factors of classification.

It considers that, although the factors of classification of Google continue changing, their main objective, that is to serve the user, does not do it. This is important because, although the individual factors of classification change year after year, any SEO that works to serve the user will be compensated in last instance.

An update that was catastrophic for many websites went when Google began to penalize the content manufacturers. It was not because Google did not want more containing, but because it wanted a better content, with more authority, unique and that, in last instance, outside more useful for the user.

Factors of Positioning: Brand and Dwell time 4

Here they are the Factors of Positioning Web that will help you to rankear your webpage more efficiently. While we reviewed this list of verification, tomato a little while to think about how each factor of classification is creating one better experience for the user.

1. Signals of the brand

Already in 2008, the general director of Google, Eric Schmidt, shelp:

€œThe brands are the solution, not the problem. The brands are the form to solve the septic tank€.

And by €œseptic tank€, one talked about to Internet.

I am sure that it has noticed that it is very difficult to be over an article of Forbes or Entrepreneur although has an article better than it is much more informative and easy to use. Why? Because they have a brand hard.

We detach some factors of classification that Google considers.

Direct traffic of the website

A form in which Google can say if you are a credible brand is looking at the amount of direct traffic of the website that you receive.

The direct traffic comes from the users who write the exact URL of their website or which they accede to his site from a marker. The direct traffic is important, since it affects significantly to the 10 first positions of Google.

Factors of Positioning: Brand and Dwell time 5

When looking Google Analytics for its site, the direct traffic will be seen thus:

In certain way, the direct traffic indicates that the users know their brand and visit their site frequently to find information, products, services or to accede to a portal of members. It is an indication of confidence and knowledge of the brand on the part of the consumers.

The direct traffic can be turned aside

The true direct traffic can be a little slanted. Google Analytics will report the traffic as €œdirect€ if it does not have data exceeds how a user arrived at his site (this can be through dark €œsocial€ channels, as the e-mails).

The employees who also accede to the website through the URL can slant the direct traffic, reason why directions IP are due to exclude from the administrators of Google Analytics. This will allow him to include better to its public and knowledge how many usuary real they are returning to his site.

Consultations on brands

Another form in which Google can distinguish a website without name of a website name brand is looking at the number of consultations of the brand.

Whatever more times people key the name of her business, more hard will be the brand to the eyes of Google.

Factors of Positioning: Brand and Dwell time 6

In fact, a study done by Moz showed that to have a great number of consultations on the brand it is still more important that GIVES or the connections:

Social signals

Finally, although Google does not count the social interaction as a direct factor of classification, yes that plays a role in the brand and, therefore, exists a direct correlation between the social interchange and the highest classifications.

Factors of Positioning: Brand and Dwell time 7

The social signals are very excellent for the SEO, so assure to you to take advantage of them:

Factors of Positioning: Brand and Dwell time 8

It thinks about all the credible brands that you know and in which you trust. All of them have social profiles and social tests in the Web, so also you must have an active account in anyone of the following social platforms:

Experience of the user

One of the best ways to lift its brand is to offer a powerful experience of user. The users are more prone to return to visit a site that is easy to sail and responds to their questions of a easily digestible way.

The experience of the user not only lifts the quality of the brand, but also it is translated directly in income. Design Advisor affirms that by each dollar inverted in UX, it will obtain a return of the investment among 2 and 100 dollars.

2. Time of permancencia

Once you obtain that your public visits your site, you need to around maintain them by the greater possible time. If Google sees that people do not spend long time in her website, they will think that the result is not useful.

We include the dwell time here as a factor of important classification, although it is only excellent if its page already is between the ten first.

Technically, Google does not affirm that the dwell time is a classification factor, although have declared that is using the automatic learning to determine which are the best results for the user. One of the forms in which Google does this is determining how long goes in a website before returning to click in the page of the SERP, reason why the dwell time continues being very important for the SEO.

It is important to indicate that the rate, dwell time by ricochet and time in the site they are all metric very different.

Rate by ricochet: A user clicks in a connection of a website in the SERP but he does not visit no other page of that site. It considers that even if the user remained in that page during two hours before to close the window, if did not click in no other page, continues being considered a bounce.

Time in the site: This is the amount of time that goes in any page of a site before clicking outside. It considers that as much the percentage of bounces as the time in the page/site can be tracked in Google Analytics.

Dwell time: The time of delay is simply the total time that a usuary one happens in its site before returning to the SERPs.

Why important is the dwell time? Google wants to know that the content and the information of the page are valuable for the finders. For example, if the dwell time is minor who the one of the competition, this indicates to the web search engines that the content that you provide can not satisfy the needs with the user. This can give rise to a diminution of the classification.

Although the dwell time varies according to the type of page, it can be a good opportunity to re-evaluate any content of long format that less than has an average time in the site of three minutes.

How to improve the dwell time

There are some ways to increase the time in the place. It is a delicate balance between providing a content easy to digest and at the same time to give the user which is looking for.

  • Some advice to improve the time in the site are:
  • An attractive introduction to maintain the users reading
  • To break the great paragraphs to facilitate the reading of the content
  • Many headed of section and emblems
  • A website for mobiles
  • Highly visual assets as images, GIF and videos

To offer answers to the questions of a practical way

Once it has users in his page, it provides a navigation easy of the site to increase the pages by session.

How to diminish the rate by ricochet

The rate by ricochet is another good indicator that its content is providing a poor experience, which will take at the same time of poor permanence.

  • Tips of SEO are some that can use to diminish its rate by ricochet:
  • Deep connections: To tie to excellent pages within its content can maintain the users it jeopardize.
  • More excellent pages: It develops support pages that can add value, as excellent product pages as guides, manuals, revisions and studies of cases.
  • It uses lateral bars: The lateral bars are widgets that can use to connect with popular pages within its website.
  • It attracts the users visually: The videos are an excellent way to improve the participation of the users. For example, you can at the entrance inlay a video of your blog on the same subject.

It examines the pages with high percentage of bounces: It identifies the pages with a high percentage by ricochet and modifies them.

You do not go away very far€¦

This list of positioning factors does not finish here, next I will tell you as it influences the speed of your website in the posicionamiente. And also we will speak on the authority of the domain.

You have remained with desire of more? Then to continue reading articles, the news or studies on SEO and Positioning Web in the section SEO.

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