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We continue with the TOP of the Factors of Positioning in 2020 that better will help you to rankear your website. We already saw previously as it affects the Image name brand and the Dwell time of the User your Website.

Factors of Positioning: Speed, Authority and Security 4

In this article SEO I tell the power you what has the speed of load of your webpage, the authority of the domain and the security of your Web to position you in the first positions of Google.

Speed of the website

The speed of the website is another factor of classification that continues being significant. This update was sent in 2018 July and was called the Update of the Speed.

As I mentioned at the outset, the objective of Google is to serve to the user the best possible experience, reason why if its site not load quickly, definitively will lose some classifications. But independent of the classifications, the low speed of the site gives as result a experience of poor user and this is demonstrated that it has a direct hit in the return of the investment.

Amazon made a study that demonstrated that by each second extra that takes the website in loading itself, they lose 1.6 million dollars in sales €“ so loading makes sure that its website quickly!

How to improve the speed of the website

If you are not a very technical person, this can be something that passes to your equipment of development Web.

In another article passed over Factors of Positioning, €œSpeed of Load: how to gain more traffic and conversions €œ, already I told everything you what you can make to optimize the possible maximum the speed of load of your website. Next, a small summary.

Factors of Positioning: Speed, Authority and Security 5

Before doing that, it puts the URL of his website in Page Speed Insights. One is a gratuitous tool that provides Google and that will show its speed to him of present load and it will even give recommendations him exceeds how to do it faster:

They consider, that not always is 100% precise one. Also you can compare it with tools as GTmetrix. In addition, Google announced that they will directly send a more precise tool in the console search of Google.

  • If you want to approach the problems by same you, here there is a pair of suggestions that you can do without a developer:
  • The USA good hosting: This is a easy one. If you have a website of WordPress, it considers to use something as OVH.
  • It optimizes the images: If not yet you have optimized your images, this would have to be in your list of things to do. It compresses great images with a tool as TinyPNG.

Cache of the navigator: When you visit a webpage, your navigator will store (€œhe breaks€) information of the page so that he does not have to recharge all the page again. Nevertheless, this will possibly slow down the site. In order to avoid it, simply it establishes the headed one €œexpires€ for the time that you want that the information is stored in the cache.

Authority of the domain

Without a doubt, the Authority of the domain is one of the more forceful Factors of Positioning. There is no way to avoid this. As the brands become and more popular more, it only has sense that Google worries about the authority of the domain of a website.

Factors of Positioning: Speed, Authority and Security 6

It is very improbable that you find a keyword with a high score of difficulty of keyword showing results pages GIVES losses. It looks at the SERPs for the SEO:

All of them have DAS of more than 85.

It thinks about your competing majors. Those that always is over you, without mattering how better are your content, probably have a greater authority of domain.

How to improve the authority of the domain

To improve the authority of the domains is not a fast solution. Nevertheless, if you are in the long term game, still there is hope. Here there are some things that you can make to increase your authority of domain.

To construct relations (Connections)

Fix to you to which not only I suggest to construct connections. Clearly, everything what I am going to say next will possibly be compared to the bonds, but to concentrate in the relation instead of the bond will help you to climb faster. The time is taken to know not only other people in the space, but also their clients. They can be your defending majors, especially if they have blogs, podcasts or channels of video.

To connect itself with influential people is another great way to obtain that people commit themselves with her brand, as well as to almost gain those valuable bonds of backward movement without effort. It even can consider the possibility of contracting an equipment of public relations for this.

To provide value (contained amazing)

The content no longer is the king. The quality content is now the king. All we have listened to it. Nevertheless, what happens when already it has more than billions of blogs available and does each of them have content? Google chooses the content that is more valuable for the reader. Nobody is going to give to a star sea bream to you to only produce another content that says just like all the other blogs. 10x considers the possibility of writing content using the technique of the skyscraper of Brian Dean.

It establishes the expectations

Thus it is. Perhaps it does not seem tactics that increase directly your GIVES, but you say to your head/clients to him who this will take to months and years, you will save many headaches in the way. It is certain that the age of a website influences in its positioning in the finders, so sometimes you will have to hope to that it finishes. It continues providing an incredible value and you will be well.

Safe website

The construction of a website used to be a reserved complicated process for which they had a deep knowledge of the codification. So it was not rare to find a website that not outside surely, and even nowadays, many sites still are not safe.

What I mean with insurance?

The safe sites have a https:// instead of only a http:// (the €œS€ means €œsafe€).

Factors of Positioning: Speed, Authority and Security 7

Google now causes that it is very easy to detect if a site is safe or not putting a green padlock and €œthe safe€ word in the bar of directions. When doing click in the green padlock obtains more data on the security of the site:

As of August of 2014, Google announced that HTTPS is a classification signal, reason why I had search in the ninth page to find an example of a site that is not safe!

How to assure its website

First of all, what means to have a safe site? To have a https:// simply means that its site has a certificate SSL. (SSL means Secure Sockets Layer and, in summary, it is the standard technology to maintain a safe connection to Internet).

If you have a developer, you can send this to him. If no, you do not worry, because it is not very difficult.

  • Here it is the short version of how to acquire a certificate SSL:
  • Host with a dedicated direction IP.
  • To buy certificate SSL.
  • It verifies and it validates his new certificate.

Version HTTP to safe version HTTPS installs your certificate SSL Redirigir.

You do not go away very far€¦

This list of positioning factors does not finish here, next I will tell you as it influences the speed of your website in the posicionamiente. And also we will speak on the authority of the domain.

You have remained with desire of more? Then to continue reading articles, the news or studies on SEO and Positioning Web in the section SEO and on the TOP of Factors of Positioning, here.

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