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We continue with the TOP of the Factors of Positioning in 2020 that better will help you to rankear your website. We already saw previously as it affects the Image name brand and the Dwell time of the User your Website and the power what has the speed of load of your webpage, the authority of the domain and the security of your Web to position you in the first positions of Google.

In this SEO guide we will continue with the importance of the Backlinks and the creation of original and fresh Content in your webpage and its repercussion in the climbed one of positions in the SERPs.


The number of backward movement connections that aim at their site continues being a factor of important classification. For example, the connection superior of the results search of Google has the double of reference domains that the content in position 10.

Factors of Positioning: Backlinks and Contenido 4

A recent study of Moz confirms this:

As Eric Enge de Moz says:

€œThis score of correlation arrives at a solid 0,293. Whereas clause the complexity of more than 200 factors of the algorithm of Google, to have a single factor in a score of so high correlation indicates a strong level of correlation€.

Domains of Reference versus. Backlinks

Factors of Positioning: Backlinks and Contenido 5

In the recent study of Ahref, the reference domains are very strongly correlated with the classifications of more organic key words:

A reference domain is simply the number of websites that essentially guarantee the quality of their website, the specific content of their site or products and services that offers.

It is as having a friendly network. In the €œreal world€, the people with a great network of experts, as the executive directors of the great companies, usually are great sources of intelligence.

Google can look at the network of your website analyzing the other sites that mention to you and connect with you. If each domain of reference is the equivalent to a friend, Google considers that the person with more authority (or, in this analogy, the website) is the one that has more amigos/la greater network (in this case the reference domains).

Factors of Positioning: Backlinks and Contenido 6

You can have multiple backlinks of a reference domain, but both must grow of a somewhat linear way, although not necessarily you will obtain the same proportion of bonds of backward movement to the reference domains every time. This it is a quite healthful example of growth:

The ideal is a mixture of reference domains that aim at their site, including sites of discharge and average authority.

Once you have a bond of backward movement of a domain, you need more? Help the multiple do bonds of backward movement of the same domain? Multiple bonds of backward movement of a reference domain help, although there are decreasing returns for each bond of additional backward movement of the same domain.

A good way to take advantage of this is to ask for backlinks additional to go to specific product pages or pieces of content, since still it will fortify considerably the individual pages.

How to increase the number of reference domains

  • To secure more domains of reference works in its strategy of construction of connections SEO and one of the best ways to construct its portfolio of connections is to create content of high quality that can be shared. Here it is how:
  • Broken connections: Using this strategy, huntings I connect broken in the content of other sites with the intention to replace them by yours. You can use the complement of Google Chrome €œCheck My Links€ to identify the broken connections and, next, to send e-mail messages in which your connection as substitute sets out.
  • Pages of excellent resources: One of the forms simplest to obtain backlink is to find pages of excellent resources in which you can cause that your website appears in the list. It finds the pages of resources writing €œKeyword€ + €œuseful resources€ or €œkeyword €œ+ €œI connect equipment€ in the bar search of Google. It identifies most excellent and it sends e-mails.
  • Mentions of the brand: It will surprise the amount to you of websites that mention your brand without connecting to you. Using BuzzSumo, you can identify the parts of your content and request a return connection.
  • Marketing of Influencers: For the websites that offer products and services, it can use a campaign of marketing of influencer to increase his number of reference domains. Why? Influencers obtains more shared containing! The influential blogueros can be very good for this, especially if they write for publications of high quality.

Efforts out of line: This often it is ignored and, nevertheless, she is one of the most powerful tools of construction of connections available. It remembers that behind a blog there are real people who have a true colleague and friendly network. If a near friend asks to you that you share a quality article, probably you would be happy for doing it free. The time is taken to go to conferences, to take coffee and other personal interactions to establish that friendship.

One of the best ways to gain more bonds of backward movement is to combine its strategy of construction of bonds with its campaigns of content marketing. When producing content of high highly compartible quality and, the natural connections simply come without effort.

  • Other forms to combine their efforts of construction of connections with their strategy of content marketing include:
  • Visual content (computer graphics, tables and graphs, videos)
  • Guides (as this of WPO to obtain more traffic)

Articles of investigation (data that has compiled)

The development of quality content is essential for its efforts of construction of connections because the content is a factor of important classification.

Creation of content

In many senses, the classification factors that matter more depend on the development of the content. From the increase of the direct traffic to the increase of the interaction of the user with its site, the creation of content of high quality is key.

It considers these requirements for a powerful content that increases the ranking:

Length of the content

Although the length of the content is not necessarily an established factor of classification, a direct correlation between the longest content and the highest classifications exists.

Factors of Positioning: Backlinks and Contenido 7

The key is here to create content of long form, not contained of filling. A study done by Neil Patel reconfirms that the results of the highest classifications usually are longer:

Instead of filling the page with empty content, uses the technique of the skyscraper to write beyond the basic content of €œeither has there been, or has done that€ having used studies of cases, unique perspective practical advice and.

To use lists

Another factor of important classification that there is to consider when is the content is the lists. This influences in the experience of the user, since the enumeration points cause that the page is easier to leaf through and also usually increase the dwell time.

Brian Dean de Backlinko shared the time average of its site in the page for a content that was almost the trifle of 7 minutes!

And when he clicks in the post, he will see that there are many lists, images and holders in bold, that they facilitate that the reader remains.

We already commented previously the repercussion that has the dwell time of the user in the positioning Web.


  • After creating your incredible piece of content of long form, you have not finished. Here it is where the true work begins. You must assure to you that you are promoting suitably the entrances of your blog, as for example in:
  • Social channels: It promotes his content through Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, Instagram or any other site that are excellent for their business.
  • Medium: Medium is a promotion channel very neglected. He publishes the first pair of paragraphs and soon he connects with your website to increase your traffic.
  • He reaches of Link: You do not send your message to thousands of people, but do to arrive it at the people or companies to which you have yourself tie in your message. Those people probably will be enchanted that you connect yourself with them and can help to share the content.
  • Announcements of payment: If not yet it has a great hearing, it considers the possibility of publishing social announcements of payment because if people do not know who you are, the form easiest to find them and to direct them by its exact interests is to use the filters of the social platforms. For example, the announcements of Facebook are very good for the direction.

Influencers: If you enter a connection any influential person in your blog, it sends an e-mail to each of them and I gave something as: €œHello [NAME]. I only want that you know as much that I am a great admirer of your work, that I even connect with you in my last entrance of the blog [NOMBRE/ENLACE OF the ARTICLE]. Thanks€ It is that simple.


To move towards the omnicanalidad is perhaps one of the majors attention centers lately and will have a great impact in its classifications and marks. You used to be able to construct a brand with an incredible blog, but no longer it is thus.

Factors of Positioning: Backlinks and Contenido 8

If you want to compete in this more and more competitive market, you must have your content in multiple platforms.

How it beams? You do not have to produce a million pieces of different content. It could be a blog entrance that soon you turn into a video, that can become a podcast that can become computer graphics, etc.

To recover of penalties

Factors of Positioning: Backlinks and Contenido 9

If you wake up a day and you see a great fall you in the traffic, it only can mean a thing: You have been penalized by Google:

Then, what you can make to recover to you of a penalty of Google?

First it is to go to the console search of Google. It will give a message you if there were a penalty manual.

If they have given to a penalty manual you, simply it corrects what they have penalized to you. Soon you can send an action report manuals.

If manual were not a penalty, it is probable that many other people also have been themselves affected. It reviews some of publications search, as the Search Engine Journal or the Roundtable Search Engine to see if they published something on an important update of an algorithm.

Most people were affected by the updates of Panda and Penguin. Average Agile published a case of study on a site that had been struck with the penalty of Penguin.

They had a client who had a series of Spam connections, so when they saw that the traffic fell, made a list of all the websites that were Spam and asked that the connections were eliminated. They presented a reconsideration request and the sanction was raised in 7 days.

If nonnotes no important uproar of the world SEO, follows your income close by. It is losing some entrance? It is possible that Google has been sending irrelevant visitors to its site and that they have represented a great part of their traffic, but no of them was turning. This is really the good news because its rate by ricochet will lower and its time in the page will raise, which automatically increases the quality of its SEO.

Brian Dean published once a post exceeds how to obtain backlinks of high quality. He was of very high quality and therefore classified for a pile of key words, including €œhow obtaining discharge€. As it is possible to be imagined, this post did not serve to the intention of the finder, reason why Google slowly began to drop it in the ranking for that keyword. As result, the rate by ricochet fell and the time in the page increased.

In conclusion

The positioning factors will continue changing, but so far these are the more important factors of classification. Each one of the factors including aim here to create one better answer for the user, who is a permanent objective of Google.

When improving the previous factors of classification, you can offer quality content, improve the analytical key, increase the traffic and create a solid portfolio of connections. In many senses, when improving only one or two of these points, the other also will improve. As many things on the SEO, the correlation between the classification factors is really powerful.

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